Higher Order Functional Unity

Higher Order Functional Unity is a State of Being in which individual and local elements co-operate, Interact and Interrelate, according to a set of Principles / Processes / Rules, to form a unified Whole.

It is akin to a Higher Order System composed of unique and diverse Sub-Systems.

"The interesting dichotomy was that while the Sovereignty and Autonomy of each Actor would have to be rigorously promoted and protected, the total set of All Actors would have to forge themselves into some kind of Higher Order Functional Unity in order to have a chance of succeeding.

Solving the grand challenges, and accomplishing the global goals, in the time frame required, simply could not logically be accomplished by an array of competing organizations acting primarily in their own self interest.

A New Highest Overarching and Uniting Goal and Organism would be required to emerge."

~ Jordan

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