11.81 The Rate of Critical Path Progress

The rate at which The Goal is progressively being pulled into reality is the rate of Throughput of the Critical Path.

The fundamental unit of transformation is the Individual. Society itself can never be whole and coherent until it is composed of whole, coherent, free people who of their own conscious volition voluntarily choose a higher Way.

The rate of critical path progress therefore is the rate at which free and empowered individuals awaken, arise, and voluntarily unite into a Higher Order Functional Unity that transforms the world.

The rate at which this occurs is a function of the quality of the infrastructure, resources and coordinated energy we focus on the Critical Path.

Self-interested corporations go to tremendous lengths to place poisonous products in the hands of hundreds of millions or billions of people. It takes advertising and marketing strategy, it takes creating experiential engagement, it takes quality and consistency, it takes local and global supply chains, it takes great people working together tirelessly towards their goal, and everything else that comes with operating a global enterprise.

Why do we not act with the same level of seriousness to help all generations of life move away from suffering, and towards their potential?

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