11.82 12 Million New Spirits a Month

There is a truism that says “It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.”

There is a certain rate at which we can attempt to transform the consciousness of adults; this can be difficult and slow.

However every month a flood of 12 million new conscious beings enter the earth. 144 million a year. 1.4 billion a decade. Over 4 billion over the next 30 years.

Totally unspoiled by the false political and religious and corporate propaganda that will seek to co-opt, divide, enslave, and exploit them.

What if we set to work, right now, to build the most powerful and effective system ever devised to provide a life long path of learning, growth, and development for all human beings?

What if we rooted in archetypical stories like the hero’s journey, and empowered a rising generation to learn how to cooperate and tackle larger and larger challenges?

What if it was available in every language and accessible through the simplest of handheld devices?

What is we leveraged AI and human guides to help keep each child right on the edge of their most joyful, meaningful developmental edge?

And what if it replaced stale institutional education with a thrilling, epic, engaging adventure to discover and achieve one’s potential in a community of people working to help one other discover achieve their potential by transforming their lives and their world?

We possess the technology. We possess the knowledge. We possess the curriculum.

It violates the Way to know what should be done, and not do it.

So we are beginning.

We are forging a higher order system of human, organizational, and community development that integrates underlying systems into a functional unity that meets the needs and solves the problem inherent is all individuals, organizations, and communities, as they attempt to develop, discover, and achieve their potential.

What portion of the 4+ billion human beings born over the next 30 years do you think we can and should give the opportunity to discover and achieve their potential in a way that simultaneously elevates and transforms the course of history and saves life on earth?

A generation of heroes is about to arise and unite to transform their lives and their world. We must be ready to meet them, and show them the Way.

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