11.83 Quality and Value

On any worksite, the architect will only accept, and the owner will only pay for, Quality work that fulfills the Designer's Intent. Anything less gets in the way and will need to be removed or undone later.

How do we know whether our work is Quality, has Value, and will be accepted?

Quality work is built:

1.    On the right foundation

2.    With the right materials

3.    In the right Way

4.    That fulfills the Designer’s Intent

No matter how good the work we do is, if we build it on top of flawed foundation it will ultimately have to be removed and redone in order fix the foundation.

No matter how good our workmanship, if we do not build with quality materials it will will not last and pass the tests.

No matter how good the foundation and the materials, the work will not be accepted unless it is constructed in the right way, with integrity.

And no matter how integral, well founded, and high quality the product we create is, it will not be accepted unless it fulfills the designer’s intent and functions properly according to the design for the Whole.

What has value is work that meets all the Conditions Of Acceptance, which is done at the right time, for the right reasons, in the right way to produce throughput of The Goal.

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