11.84 Work That Lacks Quality is not Neutral - It is Harmful Waste

We have learned from various field of study such as ‘lean’ methodologies, as well as from common sense on construction sites, that work that lacks Quality is not neutral – it is actually harmful Waste that works in opposition to The Goal.

It is Anti-Value.

If we build something that lacks Quality or does not fulfill the Designer's Intent, it takes time, energy, and resources to remove and reconstruct it.

This is why the first rule of quality is “right the first time”. It is always more efficient and cost effective to move slowly if necessary and do it right the first time. The alternative is to do it hastily and wrong, then spend the time and resources to undo everything, attempt to clean the foundation off without damaging it, and then redo it. We cannot have this kind of wasteful rework. We cannot have people building things for their own benefit at the expense of the progress we all need to make on the Meta Project.

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