11.85 What is the Budget for the Meta Project?

What kind of budget should we allocate to the Meta Project? What percentage of our global budget should be allocated towards the transformation of our lives and our world, as the wellbeing of the all current and future inhabitants of earth hangs in the balance?

What would the costs be of failing to change our logic and trajectory, and failing to accomplish The Goal?

What would we give to ensure that our children and grandchildren could live in a society and world in which they could be healthy, fulfilled, and flourish?

How much would we pay to spare them generations of suffering in a collapsed society under the reciprocating excesses of chaos and tyrannical control?

How much have other great projects in human history cost in today’s currency, and how does this project and this moment in history compare in importance?

What percentage of the existing trillions of dollars and billions of hours being spent each year ‘to make the world a better place’ should be functionally and efficiently spent to actually accomplish the Goal?

Hypothesis: This is the most important project humanity has ever undertaken. The consequences of failure for all life are catastrophic. Humanity, at every level from individual, to local, to national, to global, MUST make the Meta Project its top priority and direct as much time, energy, and resources to it as humanly possibly. This does not mean aggregating trillions of dollars, or giving money to someone so that “they” can do it.

It is up to us. What is required is that we each and all direct the fullness of our resources and capabilities towards applying the Patterns of Life to our own lives and our own communities, while creating the global shared infrastructure to help us all progress, ensure we stay on track, and make absolutely sure we do not fail.

The budget for the Meta Project should start with a tithe of Time, Energy, and Attention. An immediate allocation of 1/10th of existing flows to stave off the apocalypse, and co-create a Better Future.

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