12.1 The Quest of the Anti-Hero

Make no mistake. When the heroic spirit of goodness rises, the anti-heroic spirit of anti-goodness arises to object to its advance.

The spirit of anti-goodness, or Evil, that currently controls much of the world will not lightly be displaced by the reign of Truth, Love, and Justice. Its very existence depends on keeping truth, light, and freedom at bay.

It’s illegitimate authority depends on its ability to conceal and subvert the true Meta Authority.

It’s illegitimate authority depends on the poverty, oppression, and ignorance of those it oppresses.

That is why it imprisons. That is why it tortures. That is why it forcibly disappears. That is why it shuts down communications. That’s why it accuses. That is why it deceives. That is why it silences. That is why it frames. That is why is slanders. That is why it defames. That is why it discredits. That is why it shames. That is why it brutalizes. That is why it threatens. That is why it persecutes. That is why it oppresses.

That is why it robs, steals, and destroys.

The anti-good will not stand idly by as good advances and takes the territory that that the anti-good illegitimately occupies.

This is a war.

We had better be damn well aware and properly prepared for our inevitable confrontation with Evil BEFORE it occurs.

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