12.2 The Nature and Reality of Evil

Do not be naïve. There are entire species of well-adapted predators and parasites who are awake while the naïve and good are asleep.

The existential predatory threat is real.

And it becomes more real when you become the kind of being who is a threat to it.

As you go out to confront and overcome the root causes of suffering and injustice and forge the better world, you will not only encounter the chaos and vagaries of nature and random disaster that harm you and your loved ones, but also forces of evil and malevolence who not only wish harm on you, but are depraved enough to consciously and actively work towards that end.

They prowl about in the night like wolves, sulking in the shadows, testing the borders, probing for weakness.

The hide in the Darkness like parasites, looking for a foothold.

Do not fear them. But be watchful, aware, and prepared.

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