11.45 Higher Order Functional Unity Through Spirit, Not Ideology

As we backwards plan our Quest as a human species at this moment in history, we come to the inescapable conclusion that very early on in the Quest our species evolved towards Higher Order Functional Unity and began to Co-Operate as one coordinated and rightly-related Spiritual Body.

We will discover that we arose and united across the lines that had previously divided us, to become co-workers with the God and One Another in the massive and position transformation of our lives and our world.

So how did this happen? How do we do the impossible and arise and unite?

There are two basic paths towards functional unity:

One is a great world war between irreconcilable and competing ideologies / systems / religions / etc., in which the victor forcibly subordinates everyone else, and enforces their ideology through authoritarian means. This would end with a powerful central government, a state religion (or enforced lack thereof), and a whitewashing of the current diversity of culture and belief.

The second is for humanity to liberate itself from irreconcilable ideologies and institutional religions, lay down our weapons, and to choose to navigate together and help one another on a Quest towards the ultimate and eternal Truth and Love that simply is, and which obviously does not dwell in any institution or ideology made with human hands or words.

The second option creates the ability of or us to actually do something massive and good together, which must be done if we and the generations to come are to survive and thrive, and not suffer, in the coming age.

In nearly every tradition and prophesy, the battle in the end is not a battle among religions or ideologies. It is a the epic and archetypical Spiritual War between Good and Evil.

It ends when (we or one who) properly embodies the will and intention of the Creative One confronts and overcomes the spirit that is antithetical to it, reconciles, redeems, and unites all people of goodwill as One Under God, and thereby ushers in the New Era.

If we know what the Spirit of the One would do at this unique moment in history, and if that same Spirit is alive within us, then let us walk in that power and calling. Together. Now.

We can move towards functional unity and transcendence of our dividing lines by being humble, respectful, and CELEBRATING the diversity of belief and perspective about the brilliant and mysterious universe we find ourselves in, while rolling up our sleeves and laboring side by side to DO WHAT WE KNOW MUST BE DONE.

We progress towards unity through Wise Right Action, not through whitewashed and uniform ideology or theology.

We progress towards unity through Love by the Spirit of God, not through conversion to religious propositions.

There is no institutionalized state religion in the New World. One who promotes that version of institutionally controlled utopia as heaven is paving the way towards a collective hell that would lead to generations of suffering and decay.

If we first try to whitewash ideology and belief, we will end up in an authoritarian dystopia. We must celebrate diversity, rediscover the ancient traditions and perspectives, and humbly learn from one another, while acting powerfully on behalf of those who suffer, guided by the Spirit of Love.

We cannot wait until we agree on the finer points of theology, philosophy, and politics to help the people in the burning building. We simply do what is right and run to danger to elevate and save the suffering.

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