4.1 Community

Earlier We offered You the gift of Community.

As You can see, the Power to shape the Future and Navigate towards the Best Possible One does not reside with You alone.

You are individually and solely Responsible for the Future, just as We are, but neither of Us can do it alone.

In isolation, We All lack the total resources, skills, and true transformational power that is required the Navigate the Vessel of Society away from the rocks of Chaos, and towards the Best Possible Destiny.

And no matter how good of a job we individually do, if the Vessel dashes itself against the rocks We will perish along with All.

In order to live Today as if the Future of All depended upon it, We are going to need help.

We are inviting You into Community with All who are already in Community with Us.

Even without knowing You, We already Love You, because God Loves You.

Even if You are an enemy reading these lines in search of an error or misstep, We Love You, and it is our genuine desire that You would develop into the fullness of who You are uniquely capable of becoming, and flourish in harmony with All Creation.

So how can we forge a Community out of All?

How can 8 billion of rise into some kind of Higher Order Functional Unity that is capable of helping One and All towards the Goal?

Because each of Us can only be in genuine relationship with 100 to 200 people, and because the true inner circle of people You intimately progress with is likely to be only 3 to 12, being in Community will require that we forge a Meta Community out of millions of Micro Communities.

You can forge a Micro Community by forging or joining a Discussion Group, Action Group, or Support Group.

We have built Infrastructure to empower You to easily begin to gather Your Micro Community, and to connect that Micro Community to the Community, Infrastructure, Resources, and collective consciousness and capability of the Whole.

So the question becomes Who?

If the future of Your life, Your children and grandchildren's lives, and All life on earth depended on Your Quest towards the Goal, Who would want to embark with?

Who would you ideally like to have in your fearless band of explorers to navigate through life and The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity with?

Recognizing that You are heading out into an epic Adventure, Who do You trust enough to journey with? When the Existential Threat is at hand, who do you want to be by your side in the battle?

Who do You believe is capable enough to help You avoid failure, and succeed?

Who do You believe is the capable of becoming the kind of Being that can overcome and prevail, no matter what Obstacles or Enemies arise to stand in Your Way?

Those people are Your Team. Those people are Your Group. Those people are your Your Community.

And Your Group is becoming part of the universal and eternal Force For Good in the epic battle for the Future of Life and Society.

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