Action Group

Here is an outline for transforming a Discussion Group into an Action Group:

  1. Identify a specific issue or problem that the group wants to address. This could be related to the Meta Crisis or a local issue in the community.
  2. Research the issue and gather information about potential solutions or actions that could be taken to address it.
  3. Facilitate a discussion within the group to brainstorm ideas and determine a course of action.
  4. Identify specific tasks or actions that need to be taken, and assign roles or responsibilities to group members.
  5. Set timelines and deadlines for completing tasks or actions.
  6. Meet regularly to track progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.
  7. Engage with the community or relevant stakeholders to gather support and resources for the action plan.
  8. Take action on the identified tasks or actions.
  9. Evaluate the results of the action and determine next steps.
  10. Continue the cycle of action and evaluation to sustain the group's efforts towards creating positive change.