Discussion Group

Here is an outline for starting a discussion group:

  1. Determine the purpose and goals of the discussion group. What topics do you want to explore? What do you hope to accomplish through the group?

  2. Identify the target audience for the group. Who do you want to participate in the discussion? Are you targeting a specific age group, geographic location, or interest area?

  3. Choose a format for the group. Will it be an in-person meeting, an online forum, or a combination of both?

  4. Set a schedule for the group. Determine how often you will meet and at what time.

  5. Choose a location for the group. If you are meeting in person, consider the size of the space and whether it is easily accessible to all members. If you are meeting online, choose a platform that is easy to use and accessible to all members.

  6. Promote the discussion group. Use social media, email, or other channels to spread the word about the group and encourage people to join.

  7. Prepare materials for the discussion. This may include reading materials, discussion prompts, or other resources that will help guide the conversation.

  8. Facilitate the discussion. Encourage everyone to participate and create a safe and welcoming environment for all members.

  9. Follow up after each discussion. Consider sending out a summary of key points, action items, or other takeaways from the discussion.

  10. Evaluate the group regularly. Ask for feedback from members and make any necessary adjustments to the format or content of the discussions to ensure they are meeting the goals and needs of the group.