4.4 A New Daily Practice

If You have not already mastered or transcended a Daily Practice that causes every day to be great, and to produce Throughput of what You Value the most, here is a starting point, purpose-built to work with the rest of the Lionsberg System.

It is a Integrated System designed to elevate and transform Your entire Being, Spiritually, Intellectually, and Physically.

Because the System is rooted in the One Highest and Deepest thing, it includes references to the English words commonly used to point at such things, including God and Prayer.

We recognize how problematic and misused the word God has become, so please look beyond the Word Tool to the Ultimate Reality it is pointing at, the One that unites and coheres the All within Itself, and feel free to modify the words to reflect One highest Overarching and Uniting thing You can relate to.

Part 1: Morning Practice

Step 1: Wake Up Prayerfully and Intentionally - Wake Up with gratitude that You woke up. Before You get out of bed, and at the earliest moment You can remember, say a quick Prayer of Gratitude, and commit Your day to God - to the One and the All.

For example: Father in Heaven, Source and Sustainer of Life and Breathe, good morning. I Love You. Thank You for Your Love. Thank you for sustaining Me through the night. Thank you for the gift of another day of Life. I freely give back to You what You have freely given to Me, and I consecrate this day and all that I am to You. Please lead Me, guide Me, and go before Me Today. Where You lead, I will follow.

Step 2: Journaling, Part I - Reflection and Revelation: When you wake up, before doing anything else, write down or record a quick voice note with any reflections, inspirations, questions, or answers that emerged during the night. Write down any dreams that felt significant. These observations are often fleeting, and can be quickly lost if not immediately captured.

Step 3: Preserve Your Clarity - As you get out of bed, use the restroom, and wake up, DO NOT pollute the purity of Consciousness that You gained during sleep by going on your phone, computer, tablet, or other device. Allow Your Mind the space and freedom to be bored and to continue to clarify what it was working on during the night.

Step 4: Hygiene - Brush and floss your teeth, cleanse your body and face, and make Your Self externally reflect the clarity and purity within.

Step 5: Prepare Your Morning Drink, and prepare Your Place of Practice. Make sure that Your space is ordered and beautiful so that your Spirit, Mind, and Body can be free and relaxed.

Step 6: Get Settled In Your Place of Practice

Step 7: Journaling, Part II

  1. Reflections, Inspirations, Questions, and Answers - Further write down and clarify any reflections, inspirations, clarity, questions, or answers that emerged during the night.
  2. Clear the Fog - Articulate and drive out any fears, anxieties, etc. Write down the things that are bothering You so that You can clear Your Mind for Prayer and Meditation.

Step 5: Physical Activity - Do a few minutes of light physical activity to wake up your system. A few pushups, a few squats, a few jumping jacks, etc. until you are awake and alert and your heart rate is up a bit. This helps wake up your mind, clear away anxiety, and prepare You for the rest of Your Morning Practice.

Step 6: Centering And Aligning Prayer - Before meditation, offer a Centering and Aligning Prayer, to draw Your Self as close to Unity, Harmony, and Alignment with God as You can.

Step 7: Meditation - Clear Your Mind, and spend time meditating in Silence. Calm Your Mind, focus on Your breath, and progressively extend the amount of Time that You can maintain a calm and silent Mind.

Step 8: Journaling, Part III - From this renewed Place of clarity and alignment, write.

  1. Attending to The Highest Voice: What is God, or the Highest Voice you can relate to, speaking to you? What feels as if it is inbreaking, or being impressed upon you from Beyond?
  2. Conscience: What, if anything, is the Voice of Conscience, speaking to You? Where is the still small Voice warning that you might be deviating from the Path? How might the warning need to be attended to and satisfactorily resolved?
  3. Calling: What is Alive? What is on Your Mind? What is Your Attention being drawn to? What is Inspiring You?
  4. Avoidance: What, if anything, is your Spirit, Mind, Emotion, or Body alerting you to, that are you trying to avoid? Bring it into the Light and write it down. Remember that what we most need to find is often discovered where we least want to look.
  5. Gratitude: What 2 or 3 things are You feeling particularly grateful for?
  6. Your Story: Regenerate Your Story in Your Mind, and jot down anything that is especially alive:
    1. Identity: Who Are You?
    2. Transformation: Who Are You Becoming?
    3. Analysis: Where Are You?
    4. History: How Did You Get There?
    5. Aim: Where Are You Going?
    6. Tribe: With Who?
    7. Purpose: Why?
  7. Retrospective:
    1. How was Your day yesterday, and what Stories are You telling Your Self about what happened?
    2. What victories or accomplishments were attained yesterday that advanced You towards the Goal of Your Quest?
    3. What went well, that you would like to do or be more of?
    4. What would you like to do A Little Better today?
    5. What Value did Your efforts over the last 24 hours co-create?
  8. Review Your Navigation Dashboard:
    1. Alignment: Review the Way your Quarterly Quest is advancing You towards the Milestones that mark the Way towards The Goal.
    2. Milestone: Based on Your Current Best Understanding, what is the next significant Milestone that marks the Critical Path towards the Goal?
    3. Work Breakdown: Ensure that the Steps towards the Goals and Objectives of your Quarterly Quest are broken down into Action Steps that require no more than one week to complete, and are logically and sequentially organized with a visible Critical Path.
    4. Next Steps: What do You Perceive as Your most important next steps? How do they align with the Plan for This Quarter for your Quarterly Quest?
    5. Obstacles: What do You Perceive as Your most significant obstacles? Are they reflected on your Issue Tracker?
    6. Greatness: What Would Make Today Great?
    7. Remembering Death: If This Was Your Last Week On Earth, What Would You Do Today? If you were to die this week, would you be satisfied with Your Story and the Quarterly Quest and Meta Goal you died in pursuit of?
    8. Commitments: Review Your Commitment Tracker - Are You on track to keep all Commitments that You have made? Are Others on track to keep the Commitments that You have secured?
    9. Top Three: What Are Your Top Three for Today?
    10. Top One: What is Your Top One for Today?
    11. Plan For Today: What is Your Plan for Today to ensure that You accomplish Your Top One, and advance to Your Top Three if possible? What is the most Efficient Path through the set of activities?
    12. Parallel Processing: Are there one or two short (less than 15 minute) actions that You could take that would get other Critical Path activities running in parallel as You execute Your Plan?
    13. Team of Teams: Is Your Plan for Today aligned with Your Team(s), and is Your Team(s) Plan aligned with the Team of Teams, and is everything aligned with and advancing Us All towards the Meta Goal?
    14. Performance Management: How will You Manage Your Performance Today, and make adjustments if You get off track?

Step 9: Affirmation - If You have developed a Statement of Affirmation, read it or recite it Your Self.

Step 10: Random Reading - Open a sacred book randomly, and read whatever is present wherever You land. Allow the universal and eternal Spirit to speak to You and Your Time, Place, and Situation through the words. If You do not have a starting point, the oldest, most widely translated, and widely used book in this regard is the Bible. Whatever You read, read it not in the context of Religion, but as if the Spirit alive in You was in active dialogue with the Spirit behind the words. Find the sacred and eternal that is beyond the words. What does it speak into Your Life? How does it alter Your Current Best Understanding?

Step 11: Closing - In closing, write down any thoughts inspired by Your reading, and make any updates to Your Plan for Today if Your Current Best Understanding of the Wise Right Thing to do has changed.

Step 12: Accountability - Send your Plan for Today to Your Group. The group is not expected to take the time to read each person's Plan, but it gives a simple way to support one another and encourage Discipline and consistency in the Practice.

Step 13: Tracking Periods Of Action: So that you don't get lost or distracted, stay present in 15 minute Periods of Action, tracking and documenting how you spend each 15 minute period of time, and coming back to a prayer and present place each 15 minutes.

Part II: Mid-Morning Check In

Take a 15 minute break mid-morning. This is a crucial use of one of your abundant Periods of Action.

Get up, stretch, walk around, send a quick note to tell someone You Love them, have a drink of water, etc.

Take at least 5 minutes for a Centering and Aligning Prayer and short Meditation.

Before You get back to work, check in and review Your Plan.

Are You still on track? If You continue to do what You are doing, will You succeed? Do You need to make any adjustments?

Part III: Mid-Day Check In

Take at least a 30 minute break mid-day. Maybe take a 20 minute nap to regenerate, clear the cache of your Mind, and recharge.

Get up, stretch, walk around, send a quick notes to tell someone You are thinking of them, have a drink of water, eat, etc.

Take at least 5 minutes for a Centering and Aligning Prayer and short Meditation.

Before You get back to work, check in and review Your Plan.

Are You still on track? If You continue to do what You are doing, will You succeed? Do You need to make any adjustments? Are Your Loved Ones doing ok and flourishing?

If you need to, set an alarm, lay down, close your eyes, and recharge for 15 to 20 minutes.

Part IV: Mid-Afternoon Check In

Take a 15 minute break mid-morning.

Get up, stretch, walk around, send a quick note to encouragement or appreciation to someone, have a drink of water, etc.

Take at least 5 minutes for a Centering and Aligning Prayer and short Meditation.

Before You get back to work, check in and review Your Plan.

Are You still on track? If You continue to do what You are doing, will You succeed? Do You need to make any adjustments?

Part V: Transitioning Well

Before You return home or reengage with Your Loved Ones, make sure You take the time to Transition Well.

Take 15 or 30 minutes to engage in Your Transition Practice.

Write down any loose ends or open items so You don't forget, and so that You don't have to hold them in Mind.

Jot down any victories or accomplishments that were particularly meaningful.

Jot down any thoughts or hypothesis on what Your next steps might be.

Cleanse your body and freshen up so that You look and smell pleasant and attractive for Your Loved Ones.

Take at least 5 minutes for a Centering and Aligning Prayer and short Meditation.

Ask God and Your Self how You might be best able to Love and Serve Your Loved Ones this evening.

Then engage well. Be gentle. Be kind. Hug and kiss Your Loved Ones. Tell them You Love them. Celebrate successes, and avoid criticism. And resolve to treat Your Time with them as if it might be Your last.

Part VI: Elevating and Transforming Your Mind

In addition to the reading that is part of Your Morning Practice, spend at least 30 minutes a day reading the next most important thing for You to read.

The interplay between Praying, Meditating, Reading, Writing, and Focused Attention and Action will elevate and transform Your Mind.

Part VII: Elevating and Transforming Your Body

In addition to the short physical activity in Your Morning Routine, spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising Your body.

If You do not have another Practice, We can Guide You in a martial art that is purpose-built to be integral with the rest of the Lionsberg System and Philosophy.

Part VIII: Preparing For Sleep

Before You go to sleep, take 15 minutes to prepare.

Sleep is a critical time, and it is critical that it is put to its proper use.

Clear the Fog - jot down any lingering thoughts, worries, or concerns that are weighing on Your Mind.

Giving Your Mind An Assignment - write down a question that You would like Your Mind to work on processing during the night.

Take at least 5 minutes for a Centering and Aligning Prayer and short Meditation.

Then sleep in such a Way that Your Mind and Spirit continue to commune with God.

Part IX: Accountability

We would strong recommend that You attempt to act this out in Community.

Find some people around You that would benefit from this Practice, and learn how to embody it together and hold One Another accountable. Practice takes Discipline, and Discipline requires Accountability.

You can use the same basic organizing principles found in Forging Or Joining A Team to Forge or Join an Action Group or Support Group.

Part IX: Continuously Elevating Your Practice

The Practice suggested above is merely an Integrated and articulating Starting Point.

Take it and make it Your own.

Your Practice and Your Way, like all elements of Your Being and Your Work and Your World, should get A Little Better Every Day because You are striving to make them so.

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