Action Steps

Action Steps are specific, concrete, and measurable activities that are required to achieve a particular goal or objective. They are the building blocks of a Plan of Action, and are essential for bringing a Vision Into Reality.

In the context of the Lionsberg System, and in particular the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System, Action Steps are the steps taken by individuals, teams, and the Team of Teams to achieve the shared Vision and Goals of the System. Action Steps are aligned with the Milestones of a project or system, and are defined in the context of the Work Breakdown Structure.

When developing an effective Plan of Action, it is important to identify and define the Action Steps required to achieve each Milestone, and to understand their resourcing and dependencies. This helps to break down the work into smaller, more manageable components, and provides a clear and actionable plan for moving forward towards The Goal. Additionally, tracking and measuring the progress of each Action Step helps to ensure that the work is on track and that the desired outcomes are being achieved.