Analysis is the process of systematically examining a situation, problem, or system in order to understand its nature, causes, and potential solutions. In the context of the Lionsberg System, Analysis is a critical component of the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System and the Lionsberg System of Work.

Analysis can be applied at different fractal levels, from the individual level to the team level, and from the project level to the system level. The process of Analysis begins with a review of the current situation, forces, conditions, resources, constraints, and opportunities. This involves gathering data, conducting research, and engaging with stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current reality.

The information gathered during the Analysis process is used in conjunction with the Vision and Purpose to inform the development of a Work Breakdown Structure, to identify Milestones, and to define the Action Steps required to achieve each Milestone that mark the way towards the goal. A thorough Analysis helps to ensure that the Plan of Action is grounded in reality and that it takes into account the context of the current situation, forces, conditions, resources, and constraints. It also helps to identify potential risks and issues, and to develop contingency plans to address them.

In summary, Analysis is an essential step in the Lionsberg System of Work at all fractal levels, and is critical to the success of the Plan of Action and the achievement of the shared Vision and Goals of the Lionsberg System.

Analysis relates to Step 3 of The Seven Steps of Transformation

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