4.5 Closing Reflection

Imagine if You had started this Practice long ago.

Where might You be had You lived every day with Intention and Purpose, in partnership and right relationship with One and All, as if every day were Your last?

Imagine if every month of Your Life, You had carefully thought through and accomplished the 30 to 90 Most Important Things, in the right sequence, at the right time, for the right reasons to advance You and Your Loved Ones towards Your carefully chosen Aim.

Imagine if that sequence was Integrated in a Way that elevated and transformed You, as You elevated and transformed Your world.

And Imagine if that disciplined Practice was Integrated and Aligned with an entire Community working in the same Spirit towards the same overarching and uniting Goals.

Where might You be? Who might You be? Where might We be? Who might We be?

With Our past forgiven and our present right here at hand, let us ensure that 10 years from now we do not look back and wonder what might have happened if We had just made the sacrifices and effort required to try, in partnership with One and All.

We would strongly encourage You not to attempt this in isolation. We need to Help One Another. Find Your Team. Federate into Community. And let's work together to help One and All advance towards the GOAL.

Today is the Day We Arise and Transform.

The End Of Writing / The Beginning of Practice.
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