The Power of Today

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut

This is a living Work In Progress...

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We are Praying Love and Inspiration Over Your Day Today.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

1.1 Potential
1.2 Today
1.3 The Way
1.4 Your Way
1.5 A Hole In The Symphony
1.6 Patterns and Probabilities
1.7 Transformation
1.8 Transformation Applied To The Product Of The Previous Transformation
1.9 Now
1.10 Transforming Now
1.11 The Practice of Now
1.12 The Practice Of Today
1.13 What Would Make Today Great?
1.14 Prerequisites To A Great Day
1.15 Today Is The Day

Chapter 2

2.0 To Know The Way, One Must Live It
2.1 An Integrated Philosophy, Practice, And Way Of Being
2.2 Other Systems and Guides
2.3 The Gift Of Community
2.4 The Gift of Infrastructure
2.5 The Gift of Structure
2.6 The Gift Of Philosophy
2.7 The Gift of a Practice
2.8 The Gift of an Integrated System
2.9 Throughput
2.10 A Final Warning

Chapter 3

3.0 Story
3.1 Your Story
3.2 The Meta Story
3.3 Our Story
3.4 Writing Your Story
3.5 Transforming Your Story
3.6 Choosing Your Aim
3.7 Your Story of God
3.8 The One Highest Thing
3.9 Aligning Your Aim
3.10 The Highest and Best Possible Future
3.11 The Lowest and the Worst Possible Future
3.12 The Actual Future
3.13 You Are The Author Of Your Future

Chapter 4

4.0 Daily Practice
4.1 Community
4.2 Organizing The Force For Good
4.3 Recap
4.4 A New Daily Practice
4.5 Closing Reflection

The End

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