0.9 Gifts and Tools For The Quest

The adventure ahead will not be easy, and we have therefore fashioned some gifts and tools to help humanity along its Way.

If they are useful, they are a free gift to you, offered in a Spirit of Love.

For the battle and hardships that lie ahead, it is our hope that the good people of planet Earth will find this Rediscovering The Way - A Guide For The Warrior Spirit useful.

For liberation from the isolation and divisions that have beset us, we offer a transcendent new Lionsberg Community purpose-built as a gathering place above and beyond the lines and cages that have hitherto separated us. It is one of very few Communities ever established not for its own Purposes or its own Good, but for Purposes and Good of One and All.

It is our hope that a growing Community will not forget to operate as One Body and One Mind, and for that we hope that they will find the Lionsberg System and Approach useful.

And being bound together in One Body, One Vessel, we hope that they will learn how to Perceive, how to Orient, how to Navigate, and how to steer. For this, we hope that they will find The Book of Lionsberg and the The Lionsberg Meta Guide useful.

And recognizing our duty to govern and navigate our Selves, in a Way that governs and navigates our Community, in a Way that governs and navigates the Vessel of Society, in a Way that governs and navigates Vessel: Earth, we hope that the Meta Idea of a Meta System, and our attempt to incarnate and embody its Spirit through the Lionsberg System, will cut countless years and sufferings off of the Journey.

For the New Era that must be forged after the battle has been won, we hope that the New Vision and Plan will prove useful as blueprints for the New World.

For the New Life that is emerging, we hope that the Provisional Structure will prove useful to focus and protect its emergence.

And recognizing that the entirety of the Meta Philosophy must find its way down to embodied form in our daily lives, we hope that The Power of Today will aid you in developing and continuously improving your Aim and the Daily Practice that brings it into Reality.

Remember, like all elements of this Way, each of these are powerful tools that if used properly will make each and every one of us a force to be reckoned with.

Tools in and of themselves are neither good or bad.

They merely empower, and the power to create and destroy are a unity.

It is the Spirit that guides their use that is the key.

It is the one who wields the most powerful tools who has the greatest duty to integrate them all and put them in the service of a fully integrated being, who is itself in service of One and All.

One bright morning, soon, we will beat our swords into plowshares and cease to learn the art of war.

However knowing what lies ahead, it is with grave reservations that we must pass this knowledge on, empower All, and hope that they will integrate themselves in service of One and All, and not tear themselves to pieces.

Those who use it for good will be blessed.

Anyone who uses this information to harm or exploit others, will be inflicted with far greater harm themselves, the most significant of which will not touch their mortal body, but their eternal soul.

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