Rediscovering the Way - A Guide For the Warrior Spirit

This guide is a Work In Progress.
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0. Introduction

0.1 Introduction
0.2 A Warning
0.3 A Story
0.4 A Way of Life
0.5 A Teacher is Only a Guide
0.6 Our Story
0.7 Your Story
0.8 Strong Not Safe
0.9 Gifts and Tools For The Quest
0.10 Dedication

1. Story and Philosophy

1.0 The Quest
1.1 A Way Towards The Goal
1.2 A Day Well Lived
1.3 The Bondage of the Old Ways
1.4 Keepers of the Way
1.5 Elevating and Transforming The Entire Being
1.6 Tragedy and Malevolence
1.7 Individual Responsibility on the Quest
1.8 The Blind Guides of the Old World
1.9 Laying Down Your Life
1.10 Always Beginning
1.11 Non-Propositional Knowing
1.12 Transformation and Conformation
1.13 Harmony, Equilibrium, Right Relationship, Flow, Oneness
1.14 Beyond Forms and Techniques
1.15 Co-Creating the World
1.16 Co-Creating A Wise Right World
1.17 The Chosen Ones
1.18 All Things Helping One Another Rise
1.19 Why Philosophy?
1.20 Why Martial Arts?
1.21 Which Martial Art Is The Best?
1.22 The Universal and Eternal Way
1.23 Inexhaustible Individuals
1.24 The Beginner's Mind

2. Energy

Energy Fundamentals

How to Think About Energy Types of Energy 2.1 The Energetic Field

Gathering and Cultivating Energy

Sources of Energy Testing Energy

Channeling Energy

3. Biology and Physiology

How Life Builds Itself Up The Microbiome

4. Consciousness and Mind

5. Emotions

X. How To

How to Create How to Sustain
How to Heal
How to Destroy
How to Eat
How to Sleep
How to Walk
How to Fight

I. Introduction: The Importance of Martial Arts and Their Connection to Universal Truths

IA. The primary streams of Martial tradition, and their global influence

B. The interconnectedness of martial arts, healing and spiritual transformation

C. The secrets of the Way - why carefully guarded knowledge is now being released to humanity

D. Martial Arts as a Way towards Universal Truths

E. The role of martial arts in shaping human history and culture

F. The role of martial arts in times of chaos, crisis, and conflict like today

G. If one cannot keep humanity safe, one must make them strong

H. Rediscovering the Way - the unifying celebration and expression of universal wisdom, principles, and values beyond form or name

II. The Fundamental Nature of the Universe: An Overview

A. The Ultimate Reality of One Generative Source of All that exists

B. The existence of an underlying, universal Energy

C. The existence of an underlying, universal Logos

D. The concept of balance, harmony, and flow

E. The interconnectedness and interexistence of all things

F. The existence of natural laws that govern the universe

III. Cultivating and Applying the Generative Power of the Universe: The Warrior's Role

A. Connecting one's Self to the Energy of the Universe and its Generative Source

B. Cultivating one's inner energy and harnessing it for Creation, Regeneration, or Destruction

C. Developing a deep knowledge and understanding of the Self, Others, All, and Source

D. Mastering one's emotions and thoughts

E. The importance of intention, discipline, and focus

F. Becoming perfectly present, as a conduit of the Spirit, eliminating the ego

IV. The Path towards Mastery: Techniques, Practices, Theory, and Philosophy

A. Welcome to the Path towards Mastery

B. Prayer and Meditation

C. Breath control

D. Cultivating a Strong and Flexible Spirit

E. Cultivating a Strong and Flexible Mind

F. Cultivating a Strong and Flexible Body

G. Cultivating an Open and Integrated Philosophy

H. Transforming Philosophy Into Theory

I. Transforming Theory Into Technique

J. Continuously Improving a Practice and a Way of Being

K. Overcoming the Fear of Suffering and Death

L. Developing your ethical and moral compass

M. The application of ancient wisdom in modern contexts

V. The Universal Synthesis of Martial Arts Traditions

A. Identifying universal Principles and Values across different styles

B. Grappling with the corruption of institutionalized traditions

C. Encouraging collaboration and exchange between martial artists of different traditions

D. Preserving and honoring the unique heritage of each martial art

E. Rediscovering the universal and eternal Way beyond names

F. Continuously Improving an Accessible and Adaptable Pattern Language

G. Transmitting the Wisdom and Knowledge to the Rising Generations

H. Building Community Beyond the Walls that have Separated us in the Past

VI. The 7-Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity: The Role of the Global Martial Arts Community

A. Educating and empowering individuals with martial arts knowledge

B. Developing innovative methods for knowledge transmission, including new technologies

C. Establishing a global network of martial arts practitioners dedicated to positive change

D. Addressing contemporary challenges and promoting harmony, balance, and peace

E. Preparing for Battle while praying for Peace

F. Protecting and Provisioning the vulnerable and voiceless

VII. Conclusion: The Legacy and the Future of Martial Arts

A. The responsibility of future generations to carry on and evolve the sacred knowledge

B. The ongoing quest for personal and collective growth and enlightenment

C. The potential for martial arts to help bring about a new era of understanding, peace, and unity

Appendix A: Martial Techniques for Integrated Development and Wellbeing

Appendix B: Martial Techniques for Combat

Appendix C: Martial Techniques for Healing

  1. Pattern Language of Techniques: In the appendices, we will present a comprehensive Pattern Language of techniques for integrated development, combat, and healing. These techniques will be distilled into their essential principles and organized in a way that enables practitioners to understand the underlying patterns and apply them across various martial arts traditions.

  2. Accessibility and Adaptability: The Way, as a Pattern Language, should be designed to be accessible and adaptable to diverse cultures and contexts. We will focus on universal principles and values that can be easily understood and embodied by practitioners worldwide. The techniques and practices will be presented in a manner that allows for adaptation and innovation, encouraging continuous growth and evolution.

  3. Technology and Knowledge Transmission: In our rapidly changing world, technology plays a crucial role in disseminating knowledge and fostering global connections. We will explore innovative methods for knowledge transmission, such as online platforms, virtual reality training, and interactive learning modules, to reach a broader audience and facilitate the rapid dissemination of the Way.

  4. Community Building and Mentorship: The global martial arts community will play a vital role in supporting and nurturing the growth of practitioners on their journey towards mastery. By fostering collaboration and exchange between martial artists of different traditions, we can create a supportive network that accelerates learning, promotes innovation, and safeguards the integrity of the Way.

  5. Integration of Martial Arts and Spirituality: Emphasize the interconnection between martial arts and spiritual development throughout the book. By demonstrating the relevance of these ancient wisdom traditions to contemporary challenges, we can inspire practitioners to embrace the Way as a means of personal and collective transformation.

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