1.21 Which Martial Art Is The Best?

In martial arts, like so many other domains, the tendency is to debate which art is the best, and to try to defend the dogma, forms and traditions of one’s own art against the dogma, forms and traditions of other arts. This is not the Way.

Do not arrogantly think you know who is right and who is wrong, who is better and who is worse. There is immense wisdom and value in many different teachings and arts, and many noble and good practitioners in nearly all of them.

Instead of wasting energy in debate and separation, invest energy in learning to discern the Value and Wisdom in each art that is True across all arts.

In this Way you can glean the very best of all Wisdom and Understanding, without subordinating yourself to anything but One.

Gather up your collective inheritance from All who have gone before, and forge it into your own unique and transcendent Way of Wise Right action that works in Reality to accomplish the Goal.

A sovereign Practitioner of the Way is free to survey the entire universe of possibilities, and adopt from any and All what is most True and useful into their unique style and manifestation of the Way.

This is critical because One does not desire an institutionalized monolith of beings conformed to an institutionalized image. It desires for each being to bring forth and epxress what is uniquely within itself, in harmony with all other beings.

The ultimate manifestation of the universal Symphony comes forth through the unique yet harmonized expressions of All flowing from One.

It is not the separation and categorization, but the synthesis and relationship of all great wisdom and ideas that gives us true power and true understanding of the Way.

Beware of the many false guides in all arts, institutions, religions, ideologies, and causes whose motives are not pure and who would seek to manipulate and entrap you for their own benefit or power. Beware lest you find yourself trapped in another Cave.

Practitioners of the Way do not choose any one institutionalized art or way. They transcend all arts and ways, absorb all wisdom, and allow the Way that is beyond all names to express itself through them in their own unique embodiment.

Therefore do not choose or subordinate yourself to anything but One.

There is only One best One, and it is the One that orders All within Itself.

With that in Mind, let us begin to show you the Way, and helping you find your unique expression of It.

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