1.22 The Universal and Eternal Way

The Way is a concept that has been referred to by practitioners of many arts over thousands of years. It stands above and transcendent of everything which can be named.

It is not a sect or category. It has no name. It cannot be named or boxed in. As soon as we name something and make it “our way”, it ceases to be the true, transcendent, eternal Way that “our way” is trying to emulate, conform itself to, and embody.

Therefore a primary aspect of the Quest of life is to progressively understand and elevate “our way” into harmony and conformance with the Ultimate / Ideal / Most Worthy / Eternal / Universal / Transcendent Way.

This Way must rightly relate us to and harmonize us with the totality of all Wisdom, Knowledge, and all forces and aspects of the Reality in which we live, move, and breathe.

If it does not, it will not work in Reality.

If it does not work in Reality, it is not the Way.

We refer simply to the Way to make it clear that the path we are traveling, the way in which we walk, the totality of all we encounter, and our untimate Destiny cannot be reduced to a name. Like Reality and the Source from which it arises, it is not owned by any tribe / sect / faction / party / group / institution, even though a thousand false structures and leaders will claim it and will attempt to convert and subordinate you.

Our world has become so divided and polarized that words and labels have become difficult to use. Every label conjures up stereotypes in our mind that are completely inaccurate to the complexity of the actual Reality we attempting to label, categorize, and describe. The reduction of the infinite array of Reality into various categories that blind and bind us is a great evil we might fight against.

Ultimate Reality and the Way we relate to It, proceed from It, and return to It, transcends every human attempt to name, categorize and describe It. It simply is, and we should stand in humility, awe, and childlike wonder in its presence.

"Who are you?"

"I Am."

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