1.23 Inexhaustible Individuals

Just as the Way cannot be boxed in, ruled over, or reduced to a category, so too is every unique individual a sovereign manifestation of the One that creates and sustains All things.

You likewise cannot be categorized, boxed in, or contained.

The Way begins with returning to the state of childlike awe and wonder, in which we curiously explore and test ourselves against an infinite Reality to see what is possible.

Every Practitioner of the Way transcends all categories, and must be respected and regarded as a unique, sovereign, and irreducible manifestation of the One.

You are an inexhaustible well of complexity and potential that One and All are longing to experience.

So lay down the false identities you have adopted that separate you from direct right relationship and freedom of expression before One and All. Those were products of the Old World that limit and bind you.

Rediscover the inexhaustible and true Spirit and Essence within you.

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