1.20 Why Martial Arts

Why have we invested so much time into the study and teaching of Martial Arts?

Where We Are In The Story

The first reason is that Where We Are in the Meta Story demands it.

From the depths to which we have descended in the epic story of the human species aboard Vessel: Earth, the Way back towards our Destiny is fraught with peril.

We are entering an age in which all people everywhere will have access to superpowers beyond our wildest imagination. These superpowers are neutral, and can be used for good or for evil, to harm or to heal.

Until we have elevated and transformed the collective consciousness of the world, forces of evil are weaponizing these technologies as rapidly as possible to imprison, oppress, and exploit the weak and the vulnerable.

The powers of our present age hold the world in a death grip, sinking their claws and their teeth every deeper, in a frenzied state of greed that is draining the life from her.

They will not release the people and domains they control without a struggle, and they will do everything in their power to stop the rise of a global force of goodwill.

Their positions and power depend upon the poverty, suffering, and ignorance which the light of Love we are moving in must by its very nature overcome.

Therefore we are perhaps the greatest threat to them on earth.

Those who walk in this Way are breaking with the spirit of our times and rising above the chaos in order to speak to it, to vanquish it, and resolve it into the New and the Good.

One who walks in this Way is ripping the chains that bind them from the wall, escaping the clutches of their former prison and Guards, and adding the fullness of ther being to the great movement of All things towards the Goal.

And they are doing so by helping All others do the same.

Guarding the gates that lead out of the bondage of the Old World and out towards freedom in the New are terrifying creatures.

Beyond the Boundary and along the Way lie all the challenges of mythical proportions that one reads of in the epic and sacred tales and prophesies.

The [Way] ahead will not be easy. Society has devolved into a dangerous place.

So we must prepare ourselves and All, and become the kinds of people who can walk in safety and comfort no matter what arises to object to our progress.

We must prepare ourselves and All to protect, to heal, and comfort those we find suffering or oppressed along the Way.

Since we cannot protect our loved ones from what lies ahead, we must Encourage them and make the Strong.

We must help them confront and overcome their fears so that they can walk in courage, power, and sound mind through whatever chaos may arise.

In the New World we will beat our weapons into tools of life, and we will no longer have to learn war, for One and All will dwell in peace in harmony.

Getting to that day may unfold something like a battle. And for the possiblity of that epic battle we must prepare.

If we become skillful enough in the Way, quickly enough, perhaps we can win the battle for the future of life and society in the metaphysical realm, where the battle belongs and should remain.

If we become powerful and perceptive enough, quickly enough, perhaps we can subdue the counterattack before it can arise.

If we advance with enough overwhelming metaphysical force, the battle may not spill over into the physical realm, and tremendous suffering may be averted.

Yet we do not know, and so we must become as strong and as powerful as we can possibly be, so that we are ready for any possibility.

Our spirits need to become strong. Our minds need to become strong. Our bodies need to become strong. Our communities need to become strong. All need to become strong.

When the heart of [Love] knows that the one they love is heading into a battle, they train and equip them. They train hard, as if their life depended upon it.

It is not kind, loving, or just to send one’s loved ones out into a battle naïve and unprepared.

It is for all these reasons that we are doing everything we can to strengthen, equip, and prepare you, because you are loved.

Building Strength In Community

No matter what, it is good to exercise. It is good to strengthen our coordination and balance. It is good to stretch our bodies and our minds. It is good to fellowship and commune with One Another. It is good to meditate.

Why not do all those things in a Way that simultaneously forges us into the kinds of competent and capable beings the One is calling to arise, unite, and powerfully stand for Life and Light at this critical moment in history?

If we need to do all these things, why not do them in a Way that forges the kind of being and community that is able to lift up All things towards their Goal?

Martial Arts, particularly in the context of the integrated Lionsberg System, is a critical part of forging an overall integrated program of development and community powerful enough that it actually might be able to vanquish the chaos, and forge the New World.

We would highly encourage your participation to prepare you for all that lies ahead, and to help elevate and transform you into the kind of being, in the kind of community, that can walk with courage and comfort through it all.

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