1.4 Keepers of the Way

As a result of our sacrifice, there hangs somewhere an Old certificate that lies next to our other Old certificates with our Old name on it that says "Keeper of the Way".

However like all our Old titles we laid it down.

There is no one "Keeper" of the Way we can guide you in, because the One it flows from cannot be boxed up or contained in order to be kept.

The Truth can never be fully articulated and bound up in an institution to be "kept" by a "keeper". It simply is. The Way is to relentlessly navigate towards Truth, Wisdom, and the Goal, while humbly recognizing that it will always remain beyond the horizon of our perception and conception. On an infinite journey, there will always be another step to take.

In the Old world the various ways were "kept", and guarded by the Authorities of the various Caves and Pyramids.

In many cases, the "keepers" would not even admit you to their temple, club, or place of practice.

It is not so in the New. We are laying down every one of our Old titles in order to open, welcome, and invite all to take them up.

Together, we, whoever are walking in this Way, are its keepers. We are the Kings and Queens of the New, all of us. There is no King or Queen in authority over us except One. We are the Priests of the New, all of us. There is no Priest in authority over us.

Out here, beyond The Boundary, we are all in authority. We are each individually and solely responsible for the law and administration of the domains we are entrusted with.

Lay down every one of your Old titles, in order to take up the ultimate title and identity that we All share, because we are All the family of the One.

Would you please become a keeper of the Way with us? We lay down the highest titles of the Old, so that we can all take up the highest position and title in the New, and share it together as if we were one.

You are hereby released and liberated from every law, every authority, and every structure but One.

Welcome to life as a Keeper of the Way.

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