0.3 A Story

Each and every being is accountable exactly for what they know and understand.

When we were young, we used to get in fights. Another young person would offend us, and we would go to blows and grappling.

Seldom were any truly harmed, for we didn't know what we were doing.

Since we have gained the Power over life and death, we have been unable to fight.

_An ancient Master was walking along a road. He sensed a robber lying in wait. Despite sensing the danger, he proceeded and allowed the robber to burst upon him. Rather than defending himself, he remained calm and passive as the robber beat him and took all he had. His passivity enraged the robber, who mercilessly beat him even more. The Master remained calm, and breathed. He slept along the road, warmed by the energy within. In the morning his disciples found him along the road, and brought him back to their Place of Practice. They went and searched out the robber in his lair, and explained to him who he had attacked, and how the master had mercifully sacrificed his own body in order to save the life of the one who was robbing him. They explained that having been freely given a new life, the robber was no longer a robber. He was bound to forge a new Identity, and to use his New Life in service of One and All. The robber was shook to his core as he thought back to mercilessly beating one who held the power of life and death. He vowed to begin anew, and to never rob, oppress, or exploit again. "Good", said the disciples, "for in the day you choose to again rob life from others, your own life will be required of you."

The Master, understanding that he had forged himself into the kind of being that could withstand the beating, and that if he acted, it would be fatal for the robber, sacrificed himself in a Spirit of Love for All, even his enemy.

Such Love and forgiveness should not be repeatedly tested. Having once received mercy, it is not wise to tempt or test the One.

The second time around, the Master would likely put the robber under his feet with a rod and fist of iron.

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