0.2 A Warning

If you are not here in absolute service of One and All, we admonish you to leave now.

You know from every epic story that resonates with your Soul that the ultimate ring of power, or grail of life, cannot be grasped for selfish means.

It is improperly eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that banishes you from paradise.

It is improperly drinking from the living water in the holy grail that corrupts and destroys your body.

It is improperly taking up the ring of power that corrupts and destroys your Soul.

It is improperly wishing upon the magic vessel that contains the genie that creates Hell rather Heaven.

We can show you the Way towards Power that will let you walk safely and securely through both life and death, because you have Power and Authority over life and death.

However if you deploy the power of life and death against Life, instead of in service of Life, it will not be the body of your victim that is ultimately destroyed, but your own soul.

This is because the Power you are using to destroy is given to you by the One who is creating and you and All. Your Power to Destroy is One with your Power to Create, and both are bestowed by the Creator of the Universe, to whom you are ultimately and eternally accountable.

A Father who lovingly empowers a child with a gift, only to see the child cruelly use it to destroy another child, surely would destroy the one in order to save the All.

So do not imagine that you can take up Power in order to oppress or exploit others. You will not enjoy the Hell that lies at the end of that road.

You will be held accountable by God, and us, for everything you know, so if you are here for the wrong reasons, avert your eyes.

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