0.1 Introduction

It is with great trepidation that we embark upon the Quest to pass this knowledge on to the world.

The Spirit of humanity may not be ready yet. If it is not, humanity could us this information to destroy One Another, and thereby itself.

The Power to create is also the power the destroy.

The more Potent one becomes, the greater their Power to lift up Heaven and Earth towards the heights of their Potential, and the greater their Power to turn against life and destroy it if they so choose.

Much of this knowledge has been hidden behind a veil for millennia, carefully guarded and passed on from Master to Student.

Much of it has remained strictly guarded within institutional and honor-based institutions that demand absolutely loyalty and prevent disclose, historically upon pain of death.

It is through a very unique set of circumstances at a very unique moment in history that we are now preparing to arm humanity with it, along with all other elements of the Lionsberg System and Approach.

The purpose of the entire System and Art, is to help every being on Earth rise as close to their maximum Potential and Power as possible, while progressively integrating that power into one coherent Divine Symphony that universally and eternally elevates all Life and Consciousness towards it best and highest Potential.

Humanity will never be able to accomplish that Goal if it remains only weakly and vaguely aware of its immense power to consciously create and destroy at will.

It is our hope and prayer that the Meta Threat that has manifested itself at this moment in history, has manifested itself at a time when humanity has developed just enough maturity that it can entrusted with Co-Creative and Co-Destructive Power beyond what it ever knew it had.

The various elements of the Lionsberg System can be combined to literally transform the Spirit, Mind, and Body towards ultimate Potential, and to do that not just at the individual level, but to transform the totality of all minds and bodies into a Body and Mind that is harmonized with the One, and therefore manifesting properly as the universal Symphony of Life that we are intended and invited to Become.

This guide will help individuals understand how to progressively integrate ever more Power to create and destroy into their own being.

It will stress and demand upon the promise of Heaven and the pain of Hell that those forces be used only in service of One and All, and always under the Authority and Law of God.

In light of bullies on the playground of earth who are oppressing, raping, displacing, and killing hundreds of millions of beings, it will reluctantly instruct humanity on how to project Power to destroy in service of Life and Love, when it is absolutely necessary and morally demanded that we bear the unimaginable burden of inflicting harm on one in service of One, in order to Love and protect All.

If we are ever forced to destroy in service of Life, Light, and Love, there is no victory at the end. It is a funeral and a time of mourning, for we have been forced to kill a part of our Selves in order to save the Whole. There should be no more joy in severing a member of the universal body from life, than if we were forced to cut off our own hand to save our body.

With this grim introduction, let us cautiously proceed into the Art and Science of the Way, viewed from a martial lens.

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