In the context of Lionsberg, "Incarnate" refers to the embodiment or manifestation of an aspect of Metaphysical Reality into Physical Reality.

For instance, in the context of the Lionsberg System it would refer to the attempt to:

  1. Discern, Discover, and Search Out the Wisdom, Principles, and Values of God
  2. Understand those as a Uniting Spirit
  3. Differentiate the essential Pattern Language of the Spirit
  4. Embody the Pattern Language via a System and Prototype extant in Metaphysical Reality
  5. Ensure that the Pattern Language matched, as closely as possible, the Metaphysical DNA of The Golden Seed
  6. Then embody or manifest the Patterns of The System and its Vision, Intention, Principles, and Values into tangible, real-world actions via Instantiation.

It encompasses a process of Progressive Articulation and Progressive Realization through which the Spirit, abstract ideals and theoretical frameworks of The System and The Prototype are brought to life through practical implementation in individual thought, word, and action, organizational structures, community practices, and New societal norms.

"Incarnate" implies that the core Spirit and Tenants of The Lionsberg System are not merely conceptual but actively expressed and realized in the physical world, influencing and transforming the way humanity interacts with itself and the environment.

It signifies a transition from Spirit to ideas to action, emphasizing the importance of living out the system's values and Way of Being in everyday life, thus fostering a global shift towards a harmonious and eternally regenerative future.