Progressive Articulation

When we immerse our Individual or Collective Consciousness into The Wellsprings of Consciousness, we approach the Absolute.

What we Apprehend there is far beyond our ability to Comprehend.

What follows we experience as (something like) progressively "pulling" That Which We Apprehend into Reality.

Occasionally, entire New vistas will open and Burst In Upon Us in relatively complete form.

However often, we "pull" these little pieces of Ultimate Reality into our Perceived Reality one small element at a time.

At first, it may be only a feeling. Our Embodiment and Mind might feel alive and incomplete, as if it Knew on a deeper level that something was longing to come through from Beyond.

Then, we might experience a faint image or color.

Then, we might be able to begin to experience a more complete image.

As we begin to perceive the image, we can begin to put vague words that point towards elements of it, while wildly missing the mark.

However once we begin to speak, we can begin to speak more accurately.

And as we speak more accurately, we Differentiate various elements of the Whole we are Apprehending.

Then we can begin to Circumambulate around it, exploring it from various sides, and discovering and articulating new elements of it.

Eventually, having perceived and received various elements with the Right Hemisphere and passed those over to the Left Hemisphere to Map, we can return to the Whole with a far better Understanding and Perception of That Which Is Revealing / Disclosing Itself To us.

This is the reason Lionsberg had to be first an Idea and a Mythical Story. By creating a Metaphor that gave a Mythical Name to the New, it created the Space for individuals to each Progressively Realize and Wrestle With what it pointed at over Time.