New Language

In our Quest to Progressively Realize the New, we are often constrained by the lack of Language and Word Tools to point at what we are sensing and trying to Progressively Articulate.

In the Lionsberg Lexicon we are beginning to define the New Language that Jordan Nicholas Sukut began using in The Book of Lionsberg and the Lionsberg System.

In our infancy, we still often mix up words, or use the wrong Word Tool for something we are trying to point at. Please be patient while we All Help One Another learn, grow, and define a useful New Language for the New World we are Co-Creating.

The New Language, like all other elements of the New World, is something we must All Co-Create.

We had a dream.

We were all sitting on a rocket ship, ready to lift off towards the New. You were in the cockpit with a few others, and many were frantically scurrying around, shouting, rifling through papers, checking calculations.

You were calm. "Where We Are Going is so far beyond our ability to even conceive of it, we cannot calculate it. We do not even have a New Language for it yet. We can only Know it by experiencing it and allowing it to Emerge through us."

Excerpt from The Rocket Ship in The Lionsberg Book Of Parables.

Thus, the first thing that was created was the Idea of a sovereign and rightly related global community that would perpetually embody and move towards the Highest Intention and Greatest Good of which it could conceive.

We called this the Meta Goal.

Being so constituted, Lionsberg began to discern in community what was the highest intention and greatest good, and to establish practices for such discernment.

After numerous iterations, a placeholder description was established as a North Star / Ideal / Meta Goal to guide the community:

The total integral development, wellbeing, and right relationship of all generations of Life.

In the developing language, New World was used as a Word Tool to point towards the Highest Intention and Greatest Good we were moving towards.

Old World was used as a Word Tool to invoke the past corruption, suffering and injustice, that we were moving away from.

The idea of a Quest was used as a Word Tool to invoke the epic journey FROM Where We Are towards the Meta Goal.

And so the idea was established of a Meta Quest: FROM the Old World TO the New World.

FROM what is, TO what ought to be.

With the New World / Ideal / “what ought to be” defined as the The Highest Intention and Greatest Good of Which We Can Presently Conceive.

This Meta Quest would require unprecedented coordination and logistics across an unprecedented number of people and domains.

The Meta Project was also used as a word tool to invoke the totality of all required transformation across All things and All domains.

As the ideas and language emerged, the next step was to start moving and acting out the ideas.