1.14 First Night

We had identified a waiting place in between the first light and the mouth of the cave, where could wait for nightfall.

We had secured a meeting place, where we could safely make our way to under the cover of darkness to orient, before advancing out towards the Boundary.

When it was dark, we cautiously emerged from the Caves and led the newly liberated Sovereigns out.

It was difficult to progress, so overwhelmed were they by the marvelous and strange sights and sounds of Reality outside the Caves.

But we hurried along and did our best to keep the movement moving.

The thing about Our Plan was that if the movement stopped moving, the chain of events that was awakening and "pulling" captives out of the Caves would cease, and it could be very difficult to resume.

To explain this, when we arrived at the meeting place we introduced everyone to the science of a siphon, and demonstrated how once the water was flowing, it would continue to flow indefinitely as long as the Conditions were maintained.

We explained that our plan was essentially to siphon humanity out of the Old, and into the New World that lay ahead, out beyond the Boundary.

For people who were newly awake and had spent their lives inside the caves, these simple word pictures, metaphors, and parables proved very useful as we worked together to Help One Another understand the New Language.

Now safely out of the Caves, we began the process of orienting and preparing the Sovereigns for life outside the Boundary.

Tomorrow, before the New Dawn, we would arise and venture out beyond the Boundary and begin the adventure of making our Way towards the New World.

Tonight, we rested and prepared for the Quest.

Many millennia had led to this moment, and it was finally time.

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