1.15 Explaining Everything, Assuming Nothing

"We do not want to insult anyone's intelligence, however we are going to have to start at the beginning."

The pilgrims had gathered in a large room. A very simple meal of rice, beans, and broth had been prepared as a way to begin weaning their bodies off the grey sludge they injested in the Caves.

Everything, from how and what to eat, to how and what to do, to how and what to be, would have to explained.

"In the Caves, you were each taught certain things. They quality and truthfulness of what you were taught varied from Cave to Cave. As you begin dialoguing with one another, you will rapidly discover that the things you think you Know are incompatible and irreconcilable."

"If we are going to succeed, and avoid failure on this Quest, we are going to have to co-operate. If we are going to co-operate, we are going to need to be able to share a certain level of Understanding about the Reality we are venturing out into. If we are going to share an Understanding of Reality, we can have nothing but Truth as our guide."

"Because the things that each of you were to told were True are incompatible with each other, they cannot all simultaneously be True. Truth is one, and is always perfectly compatible with itself."

"In just a few short hours, we are going to make our Way towards the Boundary. The Boundary is where you leave everything you thought you knew behind."

"While it can be terrifying to cross the Boundary and face into Reality as it actually is, it should be far more terrifying, now that you Know that what you thought you knew is false, to consciously choose to remain in falsehood."

"We will talk more about this tomorrow morning as we travel out towards the Boundary. There are several warning signs that we will have to pass through."

"For now, we want to set out the expectation that we are All, each of us who is going to venture out beyond, going to have to admit to One Another that We Do Not Know, and be prepared to bear with One Another as we assume nothing, search out everything, and explain everything as fully as we can as we encounter it. In each and every moment once we cross the Boundary, our life will be in each others hands. Do not assume anything. It could cost you, and others, their life."

"Outside the Caves, we eat differently, we drink differently, we think differently, we talk differently, we exist differently, we are differently, we act differently, we value differently, we relate differently. We are going to have to Help One Another learn all this. Billions are coming after us, and we want to make sure that we do the hard work ourselves to Prepare The Way for those who will soon follow in our footsteps. We are going to have to quickly learn these things our Selves, and then learn how to quickly teach each and every one who follows, as they make their Way through the Milestones and towards the Goal."

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