We Do Not Know

In the Lionsberg System, We Do Not Know is a Word Tool that is used as a universal statement of humility and open mindedness. It expresses humility and openness to new information and perspectives, recognizing that our current views will always transform as we learn more.

"We Do Not Know, but we will search it out."

In the Myth Of Lionsberg, which starts to unfold in The Book of Lionsberg, the conceptual idea of not knowing is brought into vivid imaginative form through the idea of well fortified Boundary of Knowing that lies beyond The Caves that humanity is imprisoned in.

In order to begin the Quest towards the New, every individual must pass through a Threshold that requires laying down every certainty other than One Mystery, and reframing everything in terms of a Current Best Understanding.

This facilitates the emergence of a Meta Science through which humanity works together to chase the Golden Threads of Truth and Wisdom towards The Goal.

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