8.49 Heaven And Hell

It contrast to the great unity among One and All around the Spirit of Truth and Love that ought to guide our Way of Being as we advance towards our Universal Goals and Values, stands the issue where dialogue seems to fall apart with people possessed by a fundamental religion or ideology.

Sadly, it is the issue of Heaven and Hell.

We have lost friendships with fundamental friends who were nearly in tears demanding that we agree that if someone was not a member of their belief system, they would be damned to Eternal Conscious Torment.

We Do Not Know and refuse to stand in Judgment, for as every Wise tradition says only One is capable of judging the hearts and minds of humanity.

Yet people who think they Know and are willing to stand in Judgment over the eternal destiny of another Soul will break relationship.

We will revisit Heaven and Hell later, however for now, may humanity be liberated from the abusive narratives threatening humanity with Eternal Conscious Torment if they do not submit their Spiritual And Intellectual Will to a set of idolatrous human propositions.

One does not reside in a set of propositions made by human hands, any more than One resides in a temple made by human hands.

You are Free. You are Loved.

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