8.50 Losing The Way, And At-One-Ment

On all fronts, it seems we have lost the Way.

On all fronts, we are All guilty of co-creating the disaster that is modern religion, politics, and ideology.

On all fronts, we are All guilty of co-creating the Crisis Of Meaning that threatens to uproot our children and our communities from the foundations that have kept us steady for so long.

It is so easy to look back from the fullness of the development of Society and human Consciousness in the third millennium, and criticize what happened 1,500 or 2,000 years ago.

The Reality is that we have no idea.

We simply Do Not Know.

Our choice is simply whether to At-One, to Reconcile, to Redeem, and to move towards Oneness with the One of Whom All Truthful and Inspired speakers speak…

Or to go to War over irreconcilable differences and dogma, institutions and empires.

The warfare | vitriol | hatred | mistrust among followers of various institutionalized understandings of ancient teachings must come to end.

Over a shared meal, I find that my Muslim brothers and sisters, my Christian brothers and sisters, my Hindu brothers and sisters, my Buddhist brothers and sisters, my Taoist brothers and sisters, my scientific agnostic brothers and sisters, and my indigenous brothers and sisters, have all come to a similar understanding of the Way and what is Valuable and Good.

And we are all discovering that it is entirely at odds with the institutional expressions of the religions and teachings we were taught to believe in.

Perhaps it is time to transcend them.

Perhaps it is time to At-One.

Perhaps it is time, that we believe it when we say in the footsteps of Jesus or Muhammad “Peace Be With You.”

The harsh reality is that after Jesus said, “peace be with you”, and Muhammad said “May peace be upon you”, their followers developed their legacies into institutions and empires, and waged war with one another and the world.

This is not a Way that any true messenger of the Will and Intention of One would ever desire.

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