2.11 Wisdom and Truth

The Lionsberg Elevation Initiative recognizes the crucial role of wisdom and truth in the journey towards a harmonious and thriving world. By fostering the pursuit, integration, and sharing of wisdom and truth from diverse sources, the Initiative aims to create an environment in which individuals, groups, and communities can make informed, compassionate, and wise decisions that align with the Central Animating Spirit and contribute to the well-being of All.

To facilitate the quest towards Wisdom and Truth, the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative promotes the following principles and practices:

  1. Encouraging individuals, groups, and communities to seek wisdom and truth from a variety of sources, including traditional knowledge, science, spiritual teachings, and personal experience, recognizing that diverse perspectives can offer valuable insights and guidance on the quest towards Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.
  2. Fostering critical thinking, discernment, and open-mindedness, empowering individuals, groups, and communities to evaluate information and beliefs, and to integrate wisdom and truth into their understanding of the world and their decision-making processes.
  3. Promoting the importance of intellectual and spiritual humility, admitting We Do Not Know, and acknowledging the limits of our understanding and the ongoing nature of the quest for wisdom and truth, while encouraging a willingness to learn from others and to revise our beliefs and perspectives as new insights emerge.
  4. Supporting the cultivation of deep listening, respectful dialogue, and empathetic communication, fostering environments in which wisdom and truth can be shared, explored, and integrated, and where differences in perspectives can be understood and appreciated.
  5. Encouraging the application of wisdom and truth in daily life and work, guiding individuals, groups, and communities to make decisions and take actions that contribute to the well-being of all, in alignment with the Central Animating Spirit.
  6. Promoting the practice of Dialogue and Discernment in community, recognizing the Divine Spark within each individual, and allowing wisdom and truth to emerge through the unique perspectives of a diverse array of individuals.
  7. Nurturing a culture of continuous learning, reflection, and growth, recognizing that the pursuit of wisdom and truth is an ongoing process that unfolds through the dynamic interplay of individual and collective experiences, insights, and understandings.

By promoting wisdom and truth, the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative aims to empower individuals, groups, and communities to deepen their understanding of the world and their place in it, fostering informed, compassionate, and wise choices that contribute to the harmonious and thriving world we all seek to co-create.