3.2 The Meta Story

Orienting Your Self in Your Story is going to require that You somehow conceptually orient Your Self in the Universe.

There are three basic approaches that one can take to the Meta Story.

The first is to accept as absolute Truth one of the Official / Orthodox / Dogmatic Stories told by The Old Authorities.

The second is to rely only on Your own Perception, and to hold Your own Story as absolute Truth.

The third is admit We Do Not Know, and to Navigate Towards Truth with humility and open mindedness.

This is perhaps the most important decision You will ever make, because the Meta Story is Superordinate to Your Story. It contains Your Story within itself.

It also determines who You will be able to walk with, work with, and be in Community with.

Two cannot walk together unless they are aligned and heading in the same direction.

Our direction is determined by Our Story, and Our Story is largely determined why the Meta Story We tell Our Selves.

The Reality is that there is only ONE absolutely True Meta Story. It contains ever accurate fact, every accurate detail, and it tells not only the actions of each of the billions of beings, but it also searches their hearts and knows their deepest motivations.

Only One knows the Perfectly True Story.

It exists only in the Mind of God.

The rest of Us only see bits and pieces of it.

What % of the all-encompassing Meta Story do You think You Know?

What % of the Universe of All things seen and unseen has Your Mind grasped?

It has been the testimony of every Wise Being that the farther they progressed, the deeper they searched, and the more they Knew, the more they Understood their Known universe was a drop, and the Unknown was the ocean.

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