4.30 I Do Not Know, But I Will Search It Out

The precondition to Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge is admitting We Do Not Know.

In the Meta Science, everything is a Hypothesis.

Our deepest convictions are only our Current Best Understanding.

If we are ever to open up the possibility of Knowing, every semantic proposition and articulation that we have clung to for certainty must be laid down.

Every petrified or stagnant place must be loosened and made to Flow again.

Loose, flowing, supremely confident in nothing but One.

It is from this place that we can freely confess the great unifying statement, the One Thing we All know for certain:

We Do Not Know.

It is not until we admit that we do not know, that the possibility of Knowing reemerges.

And when the possibility of Knowing reemerges, and yet is Beyond our grasp, it calls us up into the greatest adventure and search.

A Quest towards Truth.

A Quest towards Wisdom.

A Quest towards the Source of Truth and Wisdom.

A Quest towards The Goal.

A Quest towards the One.

“I do not know, but I will search it out.”

This is the watchword of the Wise.

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