4.29 The Terrifying Existential Awe And Fear Of Not Knowing

Traversing through the darkness of the terrifying jungle with our feeble lantern.

We stop to rest, and light a fire.

When we stop to rest, the campfire of our Consciousness casts a small light out into the infinite unknown darkness.

The jungle of Reality is alive. An infinite array of domains of time, space, and dimensions we cannot comprehend, but through which we must travel if we are to achieve the Meta Goal and thereby Realize our Destiny.

The feeble lantern of our present Consciousness illuminates the worn out old Map we cling to for safety and knowledge of what is behind, ahead, and ‘out there’.

The Map will protect us.

We think we “know” this jungle because we hold the Old Map.

We think we “see” this jungle because we hold out our lantern into the darkness.

Thank heaven for our lantern and our map. If we did not have them we would be doomed.

But woe to the one who mistakes the ancient maps and words for knowing, and the feeble lantern for seeing.

The moment you mistake your Map for Reality, and your current Perception for seeing, you are already perishing. You just don’t know it yet. The Reality of the jungle is already consuming the ignorance and arrogance you are one with. It is only a matter of time. And that which is about to consume you will not be marked on your Map or illuminated by your lantern until it is too late. It is lurking in the darkness that lies beyond the feeble glow.

It will suddenly manifest itself to you the moment you get comfortable, and rest in the approximately true and therefore precisely false map you have mistook for Reality, and the feeble light you have mistook for seeing.

When we think we know, we gain many perceived advantages. There are many benefits to The Illusion Of Knowing that which we cling for safety. We “know” that we are right. We “know” that we are safe. We “know” that even if we are not safe, we will be in Heaven if ever the existential terror breaks through and destroys us, because we have given up our spiritual and intellectual Sovereignty and subordinated our Selves to a set of propositions that some authority told us were true. We gain certainty. We gain comfort. We can be accepted by others who know the same narrow things that we know. We can find a tribe that clings to the same ignorance, and belong.

We can even gain a measure of peace for as long as we can ignore the gnawing cry of our inner Spirit and Consciousness telling us there is more, and that our life depends on us finding it out.

Yet for all its benefits, there is a significant drawback to The Illusion Of Knowing.

The significant drawback is that as long as we cling to it, we are perishing and decaying, day by day in an illusion, devoid of any possibility of actually Knowing.

As long as we remain within the walls and safety of “knowing”, there is never a possibility of actually discovering the Reality that is out there beyond the shadows of your lantern, which holds the keys to your Life.

In exchange for our certainty, we give up any possibility of actually discovering and approaching Truth, Wisdom, and Understanding.

In exchange for our certainty, we give up any possibility of actually approaching the One.

We doom ourselves to living a delusional lie, in which we must continually betray our soul by turning back and trying to unsee and Unknow what the light streaming through the cracks in the dark cave of our ignorance is trying to reveal to us and call us up towards.

There is nothing more existentially terrifying that admitting that while we used to think that we “knew”, we now “know” that we do not “know” the deep non-propositional Ultimate Reality from which all universal dimensions of Time, Space, and Consciousness are arising.

And yet It knows us.

And It longs for us to know It.

It is the only thing we should fear.

There is a terrifying existential Awe and Fear associated with Not Knowing.

However it is the wrong Fear.

It can be cured by understanding that there is something far more Real and Powerful to Fear.

The terrifying existential Awe and Fear of Not Knowing can be cured by understanding that the only thing that we should actually Fear is One.

Just as there is only One Love, so too is there only One Fear.

When your greatest Love and your greatest Fear are One... you are walking in the Way.

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