4.28 Truth Beyond The Horizon Of Perception

As we Navigate, we must never forget that our Quest towards Truth is an Eternal and unending one.

The Ultimate Reality we are navigating towards will always remain beyond the horizon of our ability to fully Perceive and articulate.

Truth, like Ultimate Reality, is something can be apprehended and approached and related to, but never fully comprehended or reached.

There is always another step to take on the infinite journey.

We can know for certain what it is not. We can definitively know and demonstrate what is not True. We can definitively disprove our Hypotheses. We can definitively show that our Current Best Understanding is lacking.

Yet we can only hypothesize about what is True.

Weak, feeble, arrogant, and enslaved minds cling to whatever semantic propositions they have been able to articulate for themselves, or told to believe.

Brave, virtuous, and free minds are ever navigating towards Truth. Ever admitting they Do Not Know. Ever falsifying their hypotheses. Ever rejoicing when they discover there is a defect in their Logic, and thereby earn the Joy and Honor and Opportunity to conform their Minds closer to Ultimate Reality.

They are willing to follow the Golden Thread of Truth and Wisdom wherever it leads, and are continually working to discover ways in which their understanding of the infinite mystery is incomplete.

Fools already know.

The Wise eternally search the depths of the Unknown.

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