4.27 Navigating Towards Truth And Reality

As we explore this New Territory, let’s begin with the notion of Truth and Reality outside the Boundary.

What is Truth and Reality, if it is not the dogma that the authorities propounded inside the Boundary?

Amidst a sea of intentionally sown disinformation and Fear, it can be difficult to see Truth and Reality through the fog that has been created to separate and divide us.

If we could apprehend and comprehend the Truth… if we could see and know exactly What Is… it would Liberate us from all that enslaves and separates us from One Another and our One Destiny.

The Quest towards our Best And Highest Potential and Destiny must begin with a genuine, boundless, and fearless desire to Know and navigate towards Truth, no matter where it leads us.

The Truth of Reality and what actually Is.

The Truth of Reality and what is Emerging.

The Truth of Potential and What Ought To Be.

The Truth of the Source from which Reality is arising.

We must deeply and truly long to Know, with every fiber of our Being, what is True, so that we know the wise right Way to Navigate towards the Goal.

Everything we think we Know can be held loosely. Like a Hypothesis we are trying to falsify. Like Current Best Understanding we are looking to Continuously Improve.

The point of Truth is not to ever believe that we have fully grasped and articulated it, but to serve as an eternal and unchanging Standard and Guide that is always Beyond us, always correcting us, always conforming us to Itself.

Our propositions can never be counted as Truth. Truth is simply the Reality of One and All things. It is beyond our ability to reduce it to propositions or models.

If it is Real and True, we will always circumambulate back to it. We will always circumnavigate back to it. We will always rediscover it. Time will always prove it. Reality will always prove it.

What is True never fears even the deepest inquiry.

For it simply Is, and will always be True.

It can never be threatened.

It can never be boxed in or contained.

It will always be there, present, beckoning, longing to lead us back to itself and thereby set us free.

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