See Space and Time

Given the urgency of the problems facing humanity and the Living System, the Receiver’s time line from concept to completion for all core systems, facilities, services, and infrastructure (total transformation 80% to 90% complete) was determined to be approximately thirty years, culminating in 2050 when the program torch would be passed to a new generation adequately trained and enlightened to carry it forward towards completion and flourish.

Additional markers and milestones were established for 2075, 2100, and 3000 to ensure the Program was executed in a way that could continuously elevate and serve the living system across all generations of life to come without exception.

Additional markers and milestones were established for 2050, 2040, 2030, 2025, 2023, tied back to annual and quarterly plans, which informed monthly, weekly, and daily action.

These milestones were then tied out a logical Network of Commitments made and kept.

This enabled the global community to actually see, day by day and week by week, its meaningful and measurable progress towards The Goal.

In light of its observations on Space and Time, these timelines were held loosely, as the Federation determined to continuously improve its measurable capacity to produce Throughput of the Meta Goal.

It was noted as a #principle that historically humans tended to greatly overestimate what they could accomplish over relatively short periods of time, and greatly underestimate what they could accomplish over relatively large periods of time.

A near term Aim was set to onboard on billion Small Groups within 7 years, prior to 2030, after which every other Goal would become possible.

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