Above The Chaos, Beyond The Apocalypse - The Journey Towards Apocatastasis

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.03.31 (updated 2024.03.31)

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In the crucible of our times, amid the cascading Meta Crisis and the shadow of apocalyptic fears, a deeper, more profound Story yearns to be told. It is a narrative not of endings but of beginnings, not of death but of resurrection, not of division but of unity, not of the temporal and local but of the universal and eternal. This story, woven into the fabric of our Collective Consciousness, comes to the fore this Easter, offering not just hope but a radical Vision of the Liberation, Reconciliation and Renewal of All Things. As we stand at this pivotal juncture in The Story, the ancient concept of the Apocalypse demands reexamination—not as suffering, death and the end of the world, but as the unveiling of something entirely New, revealing the deeper truths long shrouded in the mists of dogma, misunderstanding and fear. The Creator is inviting us All to become Co-Creators of a entirely New Creation.

The Illusion of Separation

At the heart of our modern malaise lies the The Illusion of Separation—a belief in the fundamental disjunction between self and other, humanity and nature, the Divine and the mundane, the sacred and the profane, the Physical and the Metaphysical. This illusion, nurtured by The Caves of our own making—echo chambers of darkness, isolation and deceit—has skewed our perception of Reality, fostering a worldview marked by fragmentation and fear that keeps us divided, conquered and oppressed by The Giants. Yet, as the Easter narrative reminds us, the curtain is being torn and the Holy of Holies is being unveiled, inviting us to see beyond our Old self-imposed confines to a New Reality vibrant with interconnectedness and suffused with Divine Purpose and Presence.

Easter: The Eternal Unveiling

Easter challenges us to transcend our SpatioTemporal illusions such as self and other, life and death, to recognize the principle of Resurrection not merely as a historical event but an eternal and universal truth about the nature of Reality itself. It asserts that Life and Consciousness, in all their forms, cannot be confined by the tombs of our fears, misconceptions, and embodied limitations. The resurrection is the ultimate symbol of Apocatastasis — the restoration of all things to Perfect Harmony, Coherence, and Divine Order. It proclaims that fear, death and division do not have the final word, and that Above and Beyond the apparent Chaos and Decay of the world lies an indestructible Anti-Entropic Spirit of Unity and Love that is calling us All home.

Creative Consciousness: The Divine Spark Within

Central to the Easter revelation is the role of Creative Consciousness — illuminated by the Divine Spark that resides within each of us, beckoning us toward our Highest Potential as living, active, purposeful, Conscious Co-Creators with God. This Spirit, this Spark, this Ineffable Light, is the key to transcending the illusions that bind and blind us, illuminating a Divine Pathway to not only Envision but to Embody and Enact a world transformed by radical Truth, Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Grace. It invites us to reimagine our place in the cosmos not as dominators or despoilers at war with one another and the Earth, but as stewards and servants of a Sacred Trust that is the Collective Inheritance of All Current and Future Generations of Life.

From Chronos to Kairos: The Sacred Time

Our Collective Journey from the looming shadows of Apocalypse to the Divine Light of Apocatastasis requires a profound shift in our understanding of Time—from Chronos, the linear, measured time we individually and locally perceive in clocks and calendars, to Kairos, the Divine Synchronicity of Universal and Eternal Potential, Opportunity, Grace, and Co-Creation. In Kairos, every moment is laden with the Potential for Transformation, Regeneration, and Renewal. This Easter, as we contemplate Resurrection, we are All invited into this Sacred Time, to Reimagine and ReEnvision our lives and our world not as fixed and fading Old realities being chased to the grave by Chronos, but as potent canvases for Divine Co-Creation and Universal and Eternal Love.

The Call to Co-Creation

The invitation of Easter is nothing less than the Creator's call to Unity and Co-Creation as One Body, an Ultimate Invitation to join in the Divine Work of eternally Regenerating and Renewing our Lives and our World. It is a summons to align our will, our intention, and the fullness of our Being with the Highest Will and Intention of God, to Arise and Become Co-Creative Agents of Divine Reconciliation and At-One-Ment in a fractured and failing world. This call to Co-Creating An Ever More Perfect Union continuously improving An Ever More Perfect World is not a burden but a liberation. It frees us from the Tyranny of ego and separation, the despair of hopelessness and meaninglessness, and the Chaos of fragmentation and disharmony, inviting us into a Story, a Purpose, a Mission, and a Goal that is bigger than Any of Us yet One with All of Us—a story of Healing, Hope, and the Ultimate Reunion of All Creation as One Body of God.

The Vision of Universal Restoration

The promise of Easter is the promise that beyond our human fears of Apocalypse and death lies a Divine Vision of Apocatastasis and New Life longing to be unveiled—the eternal hope and belief that, in the fullness of Time, All Things are Ultimately resurrected to the Ideal State of Harmony, Coherence, Unity, and New Life the Creator intends. This Vision of Universal Regeneration challenges us to look beyond the immediate horizons of our individual lives and concerns, to embrace the Highest Perspective in which every act of kindness, every gesture of solidarity, every Co-Creation of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Justice contributes to healing and repairing the world.

As the world turns its eyes to the person of Jesus, let us Remember that he did not instruct us to sit idly by in hopeless expectation of a looming Apocalypse. He invited us into an Existence of Unity and Co-Creation with God, praying that we would be One just as he was One, and prophesying that by the power of the Spirit We would do Even Greater Things. Christ calls forth the Spirit of Apocatastasis, not Apocalypse.

This prophesy and promise has proved illusive over Time. Yet this Easter, in Perfect Kairos, it is rising again and beckoning Us All to begin illuminating the Darkness and walking one another home towards The Promised Land.

With Love, In Unity,

~ J

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