At-One-Ment is a term that denotes the state of being at one, or in harmony, with oneself, others, and the entirety of Creation, including the Source of all that is. It signifies a profound unity that transcends the illusion of separateness and recognizes the interconnectedness of all things.


At-One-Ment is often associated with a deep sense of peace, acceptance, and unity. It signifies the dissolving of artificial barriers and the realization of a fundamental oneness. It implies a deep connection and alignment with all aspects of one's being, one's fellow human beings, all of Creation, and its Source.

Significance in Personal Development

At-One-Ment is a vital aspect of personal development and spiritual growth. It enables individuals to feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and unity with the world around them. This can foster greater empathy, compassion, and understanding towards others and a more harmonious relationship with the world.

Challenges to At-One-Ment

Several factors can challenge At-One-Ment, such as ego-centric thinking, feelings of separateness, and societal structures that perpetuate division. Additionally, past traumas, prejudices, and fears can hinder one's ability to feel at one with others and the world.

Cultivating At-One-Ment

Cultivating At-One-Ment involves introspection, self-awareness, and the cultivation of empathy and compassion. It also involves practices that promote mindfulness, acceptance, and unity, such as meditation, prayer, and community service. It also involves taking responsibility for ones past transgressions, setting things right to the best of ones ability, and committing to do better in the future.

At-One-Ment in the Context of Lionsberg

In the journey from the Old World to the New, At-One-Ment becomes a key guiding principle. It encourages us to move beyond divisive narratives and towards a realization of our inherent interconnectedness and unity.

In the New World, At-One-Ment fosters a culture of harmony, mutual respect, and collective growth. It counters tendencies towards division, conflict, and individualistic competition, helping to create a more peaceful, inclusive, and unified society.

At-One-Ment, thus, becomes not only a personal state of being but also a societal one. It calls each of us to realize our deep connection with all beings and to honor this unity in our actions and relationships. It fosters a society in which each individual is recognized and valued as an integral part of the whole, contributing to the collective well-being of all.