The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan

In the various Lionsberg Wiki Books, we have circumambulated the New Vision and Plan in detail from various angles.

This presentation aims to approach (the whole) from the lens of a unified strategy and plan to meet this moment in history.

It is intentionally designed to remain an eternally incomplete Work In Progress, designed to be continuously improved by each individual and locality that joins The Quest.

History and Inception

In 2017, Jordan Nicholas Sukut began discussions with advisors regarding an Omni-Considerate and Omni-Encompassing Vision, Strategy, and Plan to meet this moment in The Story.


The context was presumed to be a time of Meta Crisis in the 2020s, where the systems and existing order would shake and reorder in unprecedented ways.

It was presumed that the existing trajectory was towards Collapse, but that before the existing order collapsed, there was a brief period of Time during which the Human System could potentially leap forward into a Higher Order State.

Scope of Work

The scope of work inherently encompasses the entirety of the human species and Worksite Earth without exception, and the expansion of the human species beyond Earth into inter-planetary and eventually inter-stellar configurations.

Reintegration of the Human System and Living System

Encompassing All Creation, the strategy and plan calls for the reintegration of the Human System in service of the eternally regenerative Living System, or Universe, it is a part of.

This requires that the Human System itself be transformed FROM Degenerative TO Regenerative.

Designer's Intent, and Creator's Intent

Like any System or Project, Lionsberg is created in service of an overarching and uniting intention.

On any Worksite, this is legally and philosophically the notion of Designer's Intent.

For this Meta Project encompassing All Creation, it is the notion of Creator's Intent.

By Creator, we are referring to Ultimate Reality, or what in English we call God.


Patterns of Success, and a Pattern Language of Success

The successful and proper co-operating of the human species in service of eternally regenerative Universe requires a shift in our Way, or Pattern, of Being.

A Way of being that remains consistent and modulates itself across Time and Space is perhaps best conceptualized as a set of Domain Independent Patterns.

Sets of Domain Independent Patterns are perhaps most coherently integrated and composed via Pattern Language.

In this case, we are searching for the most Timeless and Universal Domain Independent Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, families, communities, and ecosystems to succeed and flourish in harmony.

These Patterns of Success / Patterns of Life would be contrasted with their Antitheses, which we could term Patterns of Failure / Patterns of Death. The most Timeless and Universal Domain Independent Anti-Wisdom, Anti-Principles, and Anti-Values that cause unnecessary pain, suffering, corruption, injustice, and death.

Transforming the Human Pattern Language: FROM The Old, TO The New

Understanding that the Root Cause of the Meta Crisis is our way of being and doing as a human species aboard Worksite Earth...

...and that our Way is something like a Pattern Language...

...we understand that the Meta Opportunity is to transform our Way...

...FROM the Old TO the New... that Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom reign.

Transforming Human Thought, Speech, and Behavior

We understand from centuries of spiritual work, coaching, and mentoring, and from decades of clinical psychology, that if you want to transform human behavior... can't begin by trying to transform human behavior.

Human behavior flows from a complex substructure, conscious, subconscious and unconscious. It rises primarily from below the level of conscious thought and understanding. This means that it cannot readily be transformed from the exterior.

However we have also discovered that genuine transformation of Spirit and Consciousness naturally leads to the manifestation of entirely new Patterns of thought, speech, and action.

And that the deep human desire for belonging can drive people to cling to, or shift, Patterns of speech and behavior in response to Cultural Norms.

No One Involuntarily Left Behind

From the standpoint of Creator's Intent and Love, the desire is for no one to perish, suffer, or be involuntarily left behind.

From the standpoint of an interexistent crisis of crises, we understand that only a widespread, nearly universal shift in our Way of being can prevent Collapse.

From the standpoint of the Living System, we understand that the Energetics, Air, Water, and Microbiome are all interconnected and globally flowing, such that what we do to the energy, air, water, soil and microbiome in any area, we do to the Creator and All Creation.

A Universal Movement

And so we end up with the grand challenge:

How do we Move the Whole Population?

FROM the patterns of failure and death that define and are destroying the Old World...

TO the patterns of success and life that define the New World we are being invited to continually Co-Create in partnership with the Creator and All Creation?

We desire for everyone to find their Way to the New World.

A Tipping Point Strategy Led By Transforming Consciousness and Cultural Norms

The core of the Lionsberg Strategy is a tipping point strategy, led by transforming Consciousness and Cultural Norms.

The first part involves Co-Creating the Environment, Conditions, and Experience within which the transformation of Consciousness progressively occurs.

The second part involves Co-Creating the New - designing, building, implementing, and continuously improving the the New Norms and Pattern Language we are Progressing Towards.

Pathways, Bridges, and Infrastructure

Recognizing that billions of Citizens are going to need to undertake The Quest FROM the Old TO the New, the need to invest heavily in the Pathways, Bridges, and Infrastructure that mark the Way becomes self-evident.

The Story - The Quest Towards The Goal of Greatest Worth

Our Current Best Understanding is that 1) Consciousness lays fundamentally lays itself out according to a Narrative Framework, and 2) A Story is the only vessel capable of holding something with the sheer scope and complexity of what we are contemplating, in a Way that can be eternally passed on through subsequent generations.

The concept of archetypical stories that both fit and shape human consciousness is deeply rooted in the study of mythology, psychology, and literature. These stories, often referred to as archetypes, are patterns or motifs that recur across cultures and time periods, reflecting universal elements of the human experience. They resonate because they reflect fundamental aspects of the human journey, our struggles, dreams, fears, and desires.

Some of the most prominent archetypical stories that have been identified include:

  1. The Hero's Journey: Perhaps the most well-known archetype, this pattern describes a cycle where a hero ventures out from the ordinary world into an Unknown region of supernatural wonder, encounters fabulous forces, wins a decisive victory, and then returns from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on their fellow man. This journey can be seen in stories ranging from ancient myths like Gilgamesh, to modern tales such as "The Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars."

  2. The Quest: This archetype involves a search for something valuable, whether it be a tangible object, knowledge, or personal transformation. The quest narrative drives the protagonist and often a group of companions through a series of challenges and adventures towards a significant goal or destination.

  3. The Transformation or Metamorphosis: This theme revolves around the profound change or transformation of the main character(s), often involving a descent into darkness or chaos and emerging renewed or reborn. This can be seen in religious narratives like the death and resurrection of Christ, or literary works like Kafka’s "The Metamorphosis."

  4. The Initiation: This archetype represents a coming-of-age story where the protagonist undergoes trials or a series of tests to transition from one phase of life to another, often from adolescence into adulthood. This can include physical, mental, or spiritual challenges.

  5. The Fall: This narrative archetype involves a descent from a higher to a lower state of being, characterized by the loss of innocence, grace, or status. It often explores themes of temptation, sin, and the potential for redemption.

  6. The Battle Between Good and Evil: This universal theme portrays the conflict between the forces of good and the forces of evil, often with the fate of the world in balance. It is a reflection of the moral and ethical struggles within human nature and society.

The Lionsberg Strategy embraces this understanding by contextualizing The Quest towards The Goal within an archetypical Narrative Universe designed to unfold as a Story of Stories as The Movement progresses.

Timing - The 10 Year Grand Strategy

We Do Not Know, however our Current Best Understanding is that this decade, and perhaps the progress made in the next 24 months, will determine whether we succeed or fail on our quest. The Lionsberg Strategy calls for us to Act As If that were true.

The Strategy and Plan designates a series of milestones across time:

All prehistory

-1,000 BC to 1800 AD

1800 to 1900

1900 to 1960s

1970s to 2010s

The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning (2017 to 2023)

The 10 Year Grand Strategy

The 90 Day Sprint (2024)

3 Years, 3% (2024 to 2026)

The 7 Year Window of the Crisis and Opportunity

The Trailing Three Year Reorientation, Regeneration, and Relearning

The 20 Year Generational Contingency

The New Millennium and Beyond

Work Breakdown Structure - The 12 Pillars

Part of The Quest towards The Goal involves Co-Creating The New.

We start with the Overarching and Uniting notion of Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth.

We then begin to build out our Plans and Specifications for the New World we are Co-Creating.

This necessitates identifying the primary Features of Work via a Work Breakdown Structure.

The first level of the Lionsberg Work Breakdown Structure is The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg.

!The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg

Around each of The 12 Pillars, Citizen Led Joint Ventures are designed to be formed, which in turn connect and empower a distributed array of millions of Teams that compose the Team of Teams.

The Citizen Led Joint Ventures, and the decentralized array of small Teams they empower, are connected and empowered themselves by the core elements of the Lionsberg System and Commons, that address the General Issues that each of them, and all the Teams they support, face.

This Much Work Requires a System

We Have Work To Do

This Much Work Requires a Purpose-Built System

The System of Systems

Must Be Composed of Interoperable Subsytems, and Integrated with Interoperable Super Systems

The System Must Be Unified by The Goal

The System Must Be Differentiated by Function

Waste, Value, and Throughput of The Goal

Multi-Generational Co-Operation

A System Requires a Structure

A System and a Structure Require a Selectively Permeable Membrane

A Selectively Permeable Membrane Requires an Immigration Policy and Immune System

A System and Structure with a Selective Permeable Membrane Requires Governance, Culture and Co-Operation

Governance, Culture and Co-Operation Require Lifelong Learning, Training, and Development

Measuring Throughput of The Goal

The System is designed to produce Throughput of The Goal.

Because the Critical Path runs through the tipping points strategy rooted in transformation of Consciousness and Pattern Language...

...Throughput can be measured by (something like) how many Individuals, have progressed how far, on The Quest FROM the Old TO the New.

The Lionsberg Lionsberg Cycles of Growth predict that the New Organism may emerge through reciprocating cycles that can be best modeled along an exponential unfolding such as the Fibonacci sequence.

The Lionsberg Cycles of Expansion chart the fibonacci sequence, and relate to how many people have joined The Movement / The Game and are Progressing along the Critical Path FROM the Old TO the New.

  • Cycle 1: 2 Members
  • Cycle 2: 3 Members
  • Cycle 3: 5 Members
  • Cycle 4: 8 Members (0.0000001%)
  • Cycle 5: 13 Members
  • Cycle 6: 21 Members
  • Cycle 7: 34 Members
  • Cycle 8: 55 Members
  • Cycle 9: 89 Members (0.000001%)
  • Cycle 10: 144 Members
  • Cycle 11: 233 Members
  • Cycle 12: 377 Members
  • Cycle 13: 610 Members
  • Cycle 14: 987 Members (0.00001%)
  • Cycle 15: 1,597 Members
  • Cycle 16: 2,584 Members
  • Cycle 17: 4,181 Members
  • Cycle 18: 6,765 Members
  • Cycle 19: 10,946 Members (0.0001%)
  • Cycle 20: 17,711 Members
  • Cycle 21: 28,657 Members
  • Cycle 22: 46,368 Members
  • Cycle 23: 75,025 Members (0.001%)
  • Cycle 24: 121,393 Members
  • Cycle 25: 196,418 Members
  • Cycle 26: 317,811 Members
  • Cycle 27: 514,229 Members
  • Cycle 28: 832,040 Members (0.01%)
  • Cycle 29: 1,346,269 Members
  • Cycle 30: 2,178,309 Members
  • Cycle 31: 3,524,578 Members
  • Cycle 32: 5,702,887 Members
  • Cycle 33: 9,227,465 Members (0.1%)
  • Cycle 34: 14,930,352 Members
  • Cycle 35: 24,157,817 Members
  • Cycle 36: 39,088,169 Members
  • Cycle 37: 63,245,986 Members
  • Cycle 38: 102,334,155 Members (1%)
  • Cycle 39: 165,580,141 Members
  • Cycle 40: 267,914,296 Members (3%)
  • Cycle 41: 433,494,437 Members
  • Cycle 42: 701,408,733 Members
  • Cycle 43: 1,134,903,170 Members (13%)
  • Cycle 44: 1,836,311,903 Members
  • Cycle 45: 2,971,215,073 Members (First 1/3)
  • Cycle 46: 4,807,526,976 Members (Center Mass)
  • Cycle 47: 7,778,742,049 Members (Last 1/3)
  • Cycle 48: All Who Desire in Perpetuity (Holdouts + Emerging Future Generations)
  • Cycle 49: 3 Year Trailing Citizenship (Joining + 3 Years, or Age 15 + 3 Years)
  • Cycle 50: The New Era Begins

The Lionsberg Cycle Time measures the Rate at which the Lionsberg System produces Throughput of The Goal.

Whereas the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth measure Quantity, the dimensions of Progress / Throughput additionally encompass Quality.

These two dimensions create the basis for Measurement and Continuous Improvement.

Intervening in Complex Adaptive Systems Beyond Our Understanding

Any Part of the System Will Lead to the Whole

Levels of Analysis, Levels of Abstraction

Starting With the Individual and Local

Fractal Implementation from the Bottom Up

Unified Vision, Strategy, and Planning at the Highest Level

Domain: Worksite Earth

The Lionsberg