31. Conceptually Universal and Eternal, Fractally Localizable, Adaptable, and Implementable

The New Human Operating System must also be conceptually universal and eternal, while also fractally localizable and implementable, so that it can be localized, adapted, and instantiated poly-centrically and interoperably, across all Levels of Analysis both within our current planet, and beyond it.

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Team
  • Organization
  • Federation
  • Community
  • Watershed
  • Tribe
  • Bioregion
  • Region
  • Planet
  • Star System
  • Interstellar System
  • Intergalactic Federation
  • etc. etc.

For those who have not thought beyond the limits of their locality or planet, the idea of a co-operating system designed and built to co-operate across the longest conceivable period of time and broadest conceivable array of space, encompassing countless planets, star systems, galaxies, and universes may seem far fetched or incredible. However it is suicidal not to think of the largest SpatioTemporal expanse. We know that this star system will become uninhabitable in just a few short galactic years (a galactic year is 230,000,000 years, the amount of time it takes the sun to orbit the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way). Beyond that known natural end point, numerous Existential Threats could conceivably set back the experiment of Life and Consciousness aboard Earth by millions, hundreds of millions, or billions of years (degeneration, nuclear war, AI, asteroids, pandemics, etc.).

Because the Creator's Intent is Omniconsiderate, Universal, and Eternal, so too must our thinking become about how to Progressively Realize The Goal.

We are invited to attempt to sense, discern, think, and feel, as closely as possible, to the sense and perspective of God. This is the definition of Wisdom.