20. A Tipping Point Strategy Led By Transforming Consciousness and Cultural Norms

The core of the Lionsberg Strategy is therefore a movement-based Tipping Point Strategy, led by the Genuine Transformation of Spirit and Consciousness and the fractal adoption of the New Norms and Values, leading to the ongoing Co-Creation of an eternally regenerative New World / New Paradigm.

The Creator Is Inviting Us To Become Co-Creators of The Best Possible Future For All.

Pragmatically, this involves first Co-Creating the Environment, Conditions, Infrastructure, Technology, and Experience to enable the Transformation of Consciousness, naturally leading to the spontaneous embodiment of the New Norms and Values, and the eternally ongoing Co-Creation of the New.

Because Consciousness lays itself out via Narrative Structure, it also requires to Co-Creation of New Story big enough to encompass and unite us All.

These activities were the primary purpose of The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning.

The second part involves Awakening, Inviting, and Uniting humanity for the Opportunity and Adventure of a Lifetime - the Epic Quest to depart from The Caves of the Old World, progress through The Wilderness that always separates the Old form the New, and Co-Create the New World / The Promised Land.

This involves reimagining, redesigning, rebuilding, and continuously improving the New Norms and Values - the New Pattern Language - we are Progressing Towards, while gracefully Allowing The Old Paradigm to Die so that We Do Not Have To.

This second phase composes the 10 Year Grand Strategy that began Spring 2024, during which 10 Billion People In 10 Years will be invited to progress FROM the Old TO the New, and take up their New Citizenship in the New World we are co-creating in partnership with One and All.