Above The Chaos, Why I Am Risking and Sacrificing Everything

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.06.04 (updated 2024.06.04)

An entry in Above The Chaos.

Just a few short years ago, life in the Old World was apparently grand...

Not that it matters, but we had forged This Dwelling... we were the sole owners of a company that had won $130 Million + its first few years in business... we had the right holdings, the right networks, the right clubs, scores, trucks, cars, motorcycles, blah blah blah... everything that doesn't matter...

...our spirit and naivete collided with the corrupt religious and political structures of the Old World...

...we shined a bit too much light in the darkness...

...we were threatened and drug over the coals...

...and refusing to deceive / bend / bribe / silence, were forthrightly destroyed.

In the process we sacrificed everything, while doing our best to forge The Starting Point for The Movement.

We would not trade what we learned or who we have become for all the money in the world.... we would never go back. Wisdom is to be desired more than gold and silver, and nothing we desire could compare with her.

Today, we sacrificed our last small pocket of resources, cashing out the 401k we had saved up the last 20 years to gain one more gasp of air to Voice the New Vision and Plan to humanity. We will leverage this to clear some debts and keep a roof over Caity and Emma through July, if the vultures, jackals, and wolves do not foreclose and snatch it away.

Over the last weeks, the County Supervisors of San Bernardino had a closed session to review and reject a settlement offer. Over the last weeks, Arch Insurance again refused to settle. This means that we are entangled in years of state and federal legislation, that we have no means to prosecute or defend. This Book provides more background on this story. The Federal corruption and civil rights case can be found Here.

So why are we sacrificing everything, risking everything, burning up assets that could survive through bankruptcy, sacrificing our "personal" and "family" future security for a long-shot "collective future" that might work for All?

Why are we Acting As If It Is All On The Line?

I have answered before, and I will answer again...

...I do not actually think that any amount of the corrupted and failing currencies of the Old World could protect my loved ones through the Meta Crisis and Collapse that lies ahead if we do nothing. Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming. And you are All my loved ones.

The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan lays out an alternative pathway for humanity into the future.

Request For Resources - Tranche 2 lays out a basic resourcing request.

The Lionsberg Summary is a one page link to most things relevant.

The Invitation, Cycle 9 is an invitation to join us and contribute.

I would love to know of any others - and - this is the only starting point I have been able to identify in the last 7 years of planetary networking that might actually work.

We have walked through hell the last few years to forge it.

Will you Join Us, and Pass The Flame?

We will continue to sacrifice it all... we will continue to Act As If it is all on the line...

At some point in the not-too-distant-future I will have to turn inward and begin protecting my loved ones from The Collapse...

...but we do not have to live through that Hell On Earth...

...if we simply arise, unite, and advance together towards The Goal.

Please... for the love of God... will you Join Us and co-create Heaven On Earth?

Deepest Love and Blessings,

~ J

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