Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut

I was inspired to compile some thoughts around this by a video by the same title. Perhaps we should build on this over time.

Please, the building is on fire, let's wake up move.

1. Sounding the Alarms

1.1 A Call To Action
1.2 Sirens and Alarms
1.3 Not Yes Or No, But How Likely
1.4 Transforming Our Way of Being Together

2. The Rise and Fall of the American Order

2.1 The End of the United States Experiment As We Thought We Knew It
2.2 Intention
2.3 The Reality and Causes of Collapse
2.4 The Dashboard of Society - An Allegory
2.5 The Last Great Shaking
2.6 The Strongest Winner Makes the Rules - the New American Order
2.7 Cheating The Game and Breaking The Standard
2.8 A Last Gasp For the Bull Run
2.9 Financing Debt With Inflation
2.10 The Banks Multiply the Fake Money, Turning It Into More Fake Money
2.11 Loan Backed Securities and Derivative Financial Instruments
2.12 Perpetual Designed Scarcity
2.13 Who Gets The Fake Printed Money
2.14 Misallocation of Resources Along Political and Ideological Lines
2.15 Wealth and Opportunity Gap
2.16 Rising Prices
2.17 Rising Interest Rates
2.18 The Rich Get Richer
2.19 The Poor, The Weak, The Elderly, And The Working Class Get Squeezed
2.20 The Inevitable Banking Crisis
2.21 The Government Printing Press
2.22 The Printing Press of the Reserve Currency
2.23 Hard Default and Soft Default
2.24 Global Insolvency
2.25 Defaults On Retirement, Healthcare, And Entitlements
2.26 It's All Polluted Bad Debt 2.27 The Next Financial Dominoes
2.28 Central Bank Digital Currencies
2.29 The Lights on the Financial and Monetary Systems are Flashing RED

3. The End of the American Socio-Cultural Order

3.1 Defaulting On The Social Contract
3.2 Rising Internal Conflict
3.3 National Demoralization
3.4 The 2024 US Election, Division, and Internal Conflict
3.5 A Lack of Vision and Values
3.6 Cultural and Social Decay
3.7 Spiritual Bankruptcy
3.8 The House Divided Falls

4. The End of the American International Hegemony

4.1 Rising External Conflict and Competition

5. Environmental Destruction

5.1 Environmental Destruction

6. Scientific and Technological Disruption

6.1 Unprecedented Scientific and Technological Transformation
6.2 Unprecedented Redefinition of Work and Welfare

7. Polarization, Conflict, War, and the Dark Ages

7.1 Polarization and Refusal to Compromise
7.2 No Just Courts to Mediate
7.3 Civil War, World War, and a New World Order
7.4 The Dark Ages

8. Navigating Towards Heaven or Hell

8.1 Navigating Towards Heaven or Hell

9. My Offering, Warning, Acknowledgement, and Call to Action

9.1 My Offering
9.2 Warning and Acknowledgement
9.3 A Final Call To Action

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