1.4 Transforming Our Way of Being Together

The good news is that during this brief window before the Complex Adaptive Systems of society and the planet have fully Collapsed into Chaos, it remains possible, in partnership with God and One Another, to save our selves from generations of suffering and co-create a future on Earth that is better than anyone has enjoyed in the past.

The Creator of the universe is inviting us to transform our trajectory, and become Co-Creators of a better world.

The good news is that because 100% of the suffering ahead will arise from our Way of being together, we can consciously choose to transform it. And transform it in a deep and profound Way that can bring about Heaven, rather than Hell, on Earth.

The future depends on whether we choose the Heaven that lies at the end of Right Relationship with God, humanity, and nature, or the collapse into Hell that lies at the end of our present trajectory.

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